How to Start a Monster PC Campaign

For many of Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, Dungeon Masters take their players on glorious adventures, battling monsters and saving the world. While most campaigns tend to focus on the good, bad campaigns can be a lot of fun for groups looking to try something different. But for truly enterprising playgroups, embarking on a monstrous campaign can provide some of the most entertaining moments. J&D adventures available.

A Monstrous Campaign begins with a fairly simple premise: rather than choosing from the usual list of playable races, players select from the various monster races available for the game. Rather than building an adventure-driven campaign, the political intrigue or saving the world, a monstrous campaign will focus on being the most standard creatures. J&D campaigns are fighting against. The concept is certainly difficult to pull off, and it’s probably not the best for all playgroups, but if it’s standard J&D business seems too mundane, playing a monstrous campaign can rekindle some excitement.

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DMing a monstrous DnD campaign requires even more planning

As with every campaign, setting up a monstrous campaign requires a lot of preparation for the DM – maybe even more than standard campaigns. A monstrous campaign puts players in the role of creatures that prowl the wilds, attack travelers and are hunted down by would-be heroes. The party will not be able to travel freely like in normal campaigns, and the DM should be prepared for what might happen if the monstrous party becomes too well known to local villages or adventuring parties.

While a monstrous campaign will likely involve a lot more combat than standard campaigns, DMs should also try to avoid the story turning into a series of fights against increasingly stronger adventurers looking to make knock down the gang of party monsters. Giving players goals related to protecting their larger monster population from civilization can help inspire the party to approach a potential fight more carefully than they otherwise would. For best results, DMs should consider reversing the norm J&D tropes – perhaps the party must contend with a powerful mage seeking to harvest them for magical components, or their home destroyed to make way for a new town.

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DnD players will have to rethink how they play in a monstrous campaign

As DMs will have their hands full running a campaign, which has so many ways to derail into violence, players will have to rethink the way they play. J&D in order to enjoy all that a monstrous campaign has to offer. Playing as monsters means that many of the game habits learned J&D will not apply, as traders will run away instead of haggling over prices. While some monster NPCs are a must, many monstrous campaigns will offer players a much greater chance of creating internal conflict for their characters or interpersonal arguments between PCs over what the party should do next.

Players will also have to rethink how they view their own characters. A monstrous party is not likely to form in the standard methods of most J&D campaigns, and wants and desires are much more likely to diverge from what many think when creating new characters. A monstrous campaign allows players to explore entirely new character ideas that would normally never work in a regular campaign. With how dangerous things are, players might also explore their characters’ deaths more frequently than they otherwise would.

What makes playing a monstrous campaign so rewarding is how it can completely overturn the way people think. J&D. With a monstrous party having far less room to make mistakes, many campaigns can become a matter of survival as the party struggles to navigate between angry villagers, enterprising adventurers, or local military forces in order to sustain themselves. . It can make every decision that much more impactful, mistakes can hurt more, and triumphs seem hard-won. When planning the next campaign, consider whether playing as monsters for a change might liven things up.

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