“That’s an absolute lie!” – DSS dismisses abduction rumors: TV360 Nigeria

The Department of State Services (DSS) dismissed the kidnapping charges against him.

An online newspaper, Peoples Gazette, in one of its publications quoted an international human rights monitoring organization, Amnesty International (AI), as saying that the SSS abducts innocent Nigerians under the Buhari regime.

In a press release made available to TV360, Department of State Services Public Relations Officer Peter Afunanya said: “Whether reported by Peoples Gazette or Amnesty International, the Service categorically denies this account. misleading. He does not kidnap Nigerians.

Afunanya explained that arrests by the DSS, as part of its law enforcement activities, are obviously carried out in accordance with the principles of democratic ideals.

“At no time has the agency initiated its actions without following successful procedures in obtaining arrest warrants or detention orders from the competent judicial authorities.

“The allegation of kidnapping or use of enforced disappearances is an absolute lie and a fabricated narrative intended to bring the Service into disrepute.”

He reaffirmed DSS’s commitment to upholding the law and protecting sensitive citizens and government facilities.

Also pledging to remain faithful to the fulfillment of its mandate to gather intelligence and disseminate it in a timely manner to action agencies and relevant stakeholders.

While the DSS spokesperson called on the leadership of the Nigeria Union of Journalists to go the extra mile to weed out quacks in the profession, he also urged Nigerians to be aware of the excesses of Nigerians in the form of the editor of Peoples Gazette, Samuel Ogundipe, who use their platforms to undermine law and order.

“He is known to have, on several occasions, indulged in false and distorted publications to misinform the public. He and his cohorts are hereby warned, for the umpteenth time, to renounce these deplorable acts against the peace and security of the nation.

“It is time for Ogundipe and his ilk to choose reason over fatuity; and patriotism rather than disloyalty and betrayal. Their malicious and continued resolve to use fake news and hate speech to set the country on fire is condemnable.

“The country’s media professionals should rise above parochial considerations, clean up their laps and fish out the charlatans among them. The media can also conduct peer review and engage in self-censorship as part of the professionalization of the industry.

“They must reject the lure of incitement by outside forces to use them to incite violence or undermine the government and its institutions. Otherwise, those who break the law must be prepared to face justice now or in the future,” Afunanya advised.

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