DCCC chairman says Democratic candidates ready to campaign with Biden after legislative wins

Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (DN.Y.), who serves as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, said Sunday that Democratic candidates were ready to campaign with President Biden ahead of November’s midterm elections after he landed several legislative victories under their belt this summer.

“You better believe we’re going to stand with the president and say we’ve bipartisanly embraced better roads, better bridges, better health care for our veterans,” the committee chairman said. Democratic congressional campaigner Mike Emanuel, “Fox News Sunday” anchor.

“That’s the kind of program we support, and you see it working in the polls,” he added.

Democrats appear to be embracing Biden after a year of approval ratings that have hovered below 40% coupled with soaring inflation. Democrats celebrated last month passing a climate, tax and health care bill, a health care bill for veterans exposed to toxins and legislation to stimulate the semiconductor chip industry to make Americans more competitive in a crucial economic sector.

Democrats are optimistic about two months from the midterm elections, which will decide which party will control Congress.

Last month, a special election for a House seat in New York and a House race in Alaska both saw Democrats prevail against their GOP opponents in November’s headline tests.

With Republicans set to retake the House earlier this year amid 40-year high inflation, the U.S. Supreme Court’s strike down of abortion rights in June would have largely restored the boost to the Democrats.

Maloney said Sunday that Democrats had also succeeded under Biden’s leadership, cutting prescription drug costs through the Cut Inflation Act and imposing a minimum tax on big business and pushing through an investment history in climate change through key legislation.

The top Democratic lawmaker said celebrations were in order for the party.

“You better believe the Democrats are going to celebrate this,” he said. “Voters too, and that’s why we won special elections from Alaska to New York.”

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