Local Businesses Can Learn Marketing Strategies From Tech-Savvy Continental Influencers – AustCham Guest Speaker

Local businesses can learn from key influencers on the continent who are very successful in using live streaming to improve their marketing strategies, Paul Chong, director of Panmeta Corporation, told a conference held by the Australian Chamber of Commerce in Macau on Wednesday.

Mr. Chong joined the latest session of the Power Hour lecture series held at St. Regis Macau via a video link to talk about “WeChat Insights and Simple Strategies.” He highlighted the importance of using digital media to attract customers and drive consumption. In China, WeChat is king. It is the largest all-purpose social media for messaging, payment and content creation. Douyin, the country’s leading video sharing and live streaming app, is the other key tool for influencers and a successful business marketing strategy.

Paul Chong, Corporate Director of Panmeta Corporation, speaking to AustCham Macau’s Power Hour Series

Paul Chong pointed out that companies should engage in video and live streaming and create their own channels on WeChat and Douyin to generate wider publicity and consumption.

Regarding the question of how businesses in Macau can use social media to boost their business, he told MNA during the Q&A session that local businesses can find inspiration from key influencers. and high performers and learn from their best practices.

“Study the influencers who are doing it now, study how they are doing it, look at the things that are getting engagements and where are those engagements coming from,” he said.

In addition, Mr. Chong noted that although marketing or promotion related to gambling is prohibited on the platforms, some experienced influencers have still developed ways to go beyond the limits and raise awareness through elements. not related to the game.

The businessman added that he thinks live streaming has more advantages than short videos in terms of promoting Macau because live streaming can provide more details about a location and viewers can join anytime.

Meanwhile, he stressed that marketing communications for customer acquisition should be insight-driven and produced with purpose, while promotions should be designed to be easy to understand and make the audience feel good about it. his skin to spend time or effort to consume.

Paul Chong has worked in the information technology and supply chain software fields for the past three decades in the United States, Hong Kong and the Greater China region, while his business focuses on providing services using market insights and advanced technologies to drive growth. sales, lifetime value and customer retention.

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