John Legend tweets his support for progressive candidates running in important campaigns

We need more John Legends in this world! Legendary artist John Legend recently tweeted his support for five progressive candidates who are running for the important District Attorney/County Attorney/Attorney General offices in the key states of Arizona, Tennessee, Minnesota and Florida.

The caption states, “I strongly believe that district attorney races are essential to improving our criminal justice system.”

The candidates he endorses are Julie Gunnigle (County Attorney, Maricopa County, AZ), Steve Mulroy (District Attorney, Memphis, TN), Mary Moriarty (County Attorney, Hennepin County, MN), Aramis Ayala ( Attorney General, Florida) and Allison Miller (State Attorney for Pinellas and Pasco Counties, FL).

As an Arizonan extremely concerned about the state taking away reproductive rights, I’m especially thrilled that John Legend is using his platform to promote Julie Gunnigle. The caption tweeted, “In Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ), Julie Gunnigle is the lone Democrat vying to become the next county prosecutor, and she’s promised not to prosecute abortion cases if elected. .”

People commenting on the thread share even more candidates from across the country who will fight for voter and citizen rights. Go check it out!

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