24 North Country students earn NYS seal of biliteracy | WWTI

NORTH COUNTRY, NY (WWTI) – Local high school students have received a state honor for their advanced bilingual skills.

According to Jefferson-Lewis BOCES, 24 local students demonstrated their fluency in second language communication and earned the New York State Biliteracy Seal. The honor recognizes high school graduates who have achieved and can demonstrate a high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in one or more languages.

The Seal of Biliteracy is offered by Jefferson-Lewis BOCES and the State Seal of Biliteracy Consortium. The
Consortium is a partnership between BOCES programs and associated departments and programs in New York State.

The purpose of the NYSSB is to encourage the study of languages, identify high school graduates
language and bilingual skills for employers, providing universities with additional information on
candidates for admission and prepare students for 21st century skills. It also aims to recognize the value of teaching foreign and mother tongues in schools and to affirm the value of diversity in a multilingual society.

The final presentations of the participating students took place virtually from May 25 to June 2. Each student presented in front of a panel of foreign language teachers, community members, and fluent business speakers. The presentation focused on what the student had learned culturally during the project, while communicating in a second language.

Students who achieved the Biliteracy Seal received a virtual certificate and a medallion to wear when graduating from high school. The biliteracy seal is affixed to each student’s high school diploma upon graduation.

A list of local students who received the honor and their school district is listed below. BOCES also provided each student’s additional language and presentation name.

Belleville Henderson Central School
Laura Zehr, French, language teaching in the United States versus France
Elizabeth Hyman, Spanish, Agriculture USA vs. Guatemala

Carthage Central School
Jayden Brown, Spaniard, Carlos Vives
Paige Soules, Spanish, Media Representations
Rosalyn Towler, French, Comics (BD)
Devin Parlati, French, The influence of French cuisine around the world (The influence of French cuisine around the world)

Copenhagen Central School
Chase Aubin, Spanish. The Spanish Civil War

Brown General Central School
Natalie Sheen, Spanish, Dirty Dancing Havana Nights and Cuban History
Emily Parker, Spanish, Media Representations
Jacob King, Spanish, Aztecs
Daniel Hodge, Spaniard, Racism in Puerto Rico
Natalie Favret, Spanish, Living and Housing in Costa Rica

Indian River Central School
Ashley Delgado, English, Immigration

Lyme Central School
Davi Harris, Spanish, Immigration
Rebecca Farrell, Korean, Korean Beauty Standards

Lowville Academy and Central School
Olivia Baker, Spanish, La Historia Secreta de América Latina: Operacion Condor (The Secret History of the Latin
America: Operation Condor)

Jefferson South Central School
Alexa Doe, French, cultural expression
Tanner Weiler, French, Environmental Concerns
Charles Rogers, French, Automotive Cultures in France
Cameron Humphrey, French, music and musical instruments
Abagail Keeney, French, Medical Innovation in France
Trevor Benware, French, The Mortuary Industry
Gracie Elliot, Spanish, Mariachi
Michael Jareo, Spanish, Empanadas

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