Experts ask young people about mental health and marital relationships

Experts have instructed the nation’s young people to monitor their actions and inactions, so they don’t fall victim to mental health issues and marital failures.

They stressed the need for young people, especially young adults, to stay away from activities that could cause them to do things that will endanger their lives and destabilize their future.

The appeal follows the growing number of Nigerians suffering from mental illness, failed relationships and marriages in recent times.

Chief Medical Director (CMD), Lagoon Hospitals, in charge of Clinical Strategy, Quality, Governance and Training, Dr Olakunle Olatokunbo Onakoya, alongside Pastor (Mrs) Gold Adeoye, took the lead. speaking at a one-day workshop on mental health challenges and marital relationships organized by the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Lagos 2 Province, Ikeja.

Speaking on mental health, Onakoya, a physician, listed the cases and clinical features that citizens should watch out for and seek help before it is too late to do so.
Citing peer pressure, bullying, financial challenges, heavy workload, fear of failure, relationship failures, internet addiction, family challenges, substance abuse, goals and deadlines as cases , these physicians also mentioned low self-esteem and poor interpersonal relationships. as some of the clinical hallmarks of mental health.

They urged attendees on the occasion to pay attention to the warning signs in people facing mental health issues, just as they listed ways to prevent them, including; recognize stress as a normal way of life, view failure as an opportunity to learn and improve, eat well, invest in a good support network, rest, and build relationships.

They listed others to include; take an interest in extracurricular activities, sports, exercises, languages, develop emotional intelligence, avoid spiritualizing it and get help without further delay.

Regarding treatment, Onakoya emphasized the need for participants to recognize early symptoms, which involves talking to one’s partner or spouse in addition to going to the hospital early instead of seeking help where there are not any.

Speaking on marital relationships, Pastor (Ms) Gold Adeoye emphasized the importance of not making wrong choices in marriage choices.
Describing marriage as a God-ordained institution, Adeoye, who is also a psychologist, professional counselor and therapist, urged young adults to seek God’s guidance in choosing a life partner or ruin their future.
The television personality, founder and coordinator of Generals of God, a group of young men and women committed to God’s action in this end time, argued that future couples should prepare adequately by building their capacities before their wedding.

His words: “Marriage is not for the unprepared. You must prepare yourself adequately for the task ahead of you by learning how to cook, take care of the house, wash clothes, bathe a newborn, change towels and so many other necessary things. to make your marriage work.

“Court is good but you need to avoid unnecessary lengths so you don’t waste your partner’s time. Address your character flaws before your marriage. So many young adults often say they want to get married, but they are not mentally, academically, physically, spiritually, financially and emotionally prepared to get married. Don’t be among them. Be fully prepared”.

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