Escambia Children’s Trust calls for tenders for two information campaigns

The Escambia Children’s Trust plans to fund information campaigns on water safety and early learning as part of its next external spending.

The trust has issued requests for proposals to marketing firms or communications specialists who can help develop one or two separate information campaigns on the two key issues.

“The idea is not to have the same old, the same old,” said Tammy Greer, Executive Director of the Trust. “But we want to get that message out to the communities that need it.”

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The Escambia Children’s Trust, which was approved by voters in 2020is responsible for allocating over $10 million in property taxes to fund initiatives and services to help neighborhood youth and their families.

The trust made its first fundraising outlay in recent weeks when it provided approximately $68,000 for two Escambia County Early Learning Summer ProgramsThe Potential Preschool Academy and ReadyKids!

The first part of the trust’s future information campaign will also focus on early childhood education.

“It has to go beyond just brain development, because I don’t know if brain development resonates with all parents,” Greer said of the planned marketing campaign. “It’s really about getting the child into a quality program. A lot of parents think I can homeschool my child or I can just hire a babysitter or a nanny and there’s so much more around that. There’s a whole area of ​​early childhood education and child development.”

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Greer said she and the trust are willing to use any form of media necessary to better inform the general public.

“Are they getting their information from TikTok, like my kids?” Greer asked, rhetorically. “My kids are like, ‘Mom, we don’t watch cable. We haven’t seen commercials in God knows how long’ and I’m like, ‘Where did you get your news from?’ They say , ‘Yahoo, Snapchat.’

“We want to make sure that young parents, new parents and people from a generation different from mine have different routes to get their information about early childhood education,” she continued. “I don’t know how we get it to them. It’s not my area of ​​expertise. That’s why we’re putting out a call for tenders.”

The trust wants the second part of its future information campaign to focus on water safety.

“We’re surrounded by water. We’re a peninsula. There’s lakes, pools, standing water, streams everywhere,” Greer said.

The Florida Department of Children and Families recorded 68 child drowning deaths in 2020. The number rose to 98 in 2021.

“It’s such a problem in the state of Florida that the state legislature actually passed a law that goes into effect this school year that school districts are required to educate parents about the importance of water safety education and direct them to resources for water safety education and swimming lessons,” said Greer.

The Escambia Children’s Trust’s next meeting is scheduled for June 30 at 9 a.m. at 1720 W. Fairfield Drive, where the board is expected to approve a $20 million draft budget for 2022-23. Just over $18 million of the budget is earmarked for contractual grants for service providers.

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