Niger’s vigilante commander closes his offices after 24 hours in detention

Niger State Self-Defense Corps Commander Nasir Mohammed Manta has ordered the closure of all state self-defense offices after his arrest and 24-hour detention by police due to the crackdown of the body against the disbelievers in Minnah.

It has emerged that State Police Commissioner Monday Kuryas ordered the vigilante commander’s detention two days ago based on the complacency of influential individuals alleging his arrest of some of their wards as disbelievers disturbing the peace of Minna.

It has also been learned that over the past three weeks miscreants and restless youths have turned Minna into a battleground, fighting from street to street, causing panic, public unrest and the collapse of law and order in the city.

While police announced the arrests of 22 of the disbelievers over the weekend, some claim some of the boys have been released. However, police public relations officer DSP Wasiu Abiodun denied the allegations in a statement to Minna.

DSP Abiodun argued that the claim was intended to smear the efforts of the command to curb the activities of street urchins and maintain peace and order in Minna.

During a telephone interview with Plan After his release on Saturday, State Vigilante Commander Nasir Manta called the allegations against him false, adding: “The Commissioner of Police has not investigated the allegations made against me by the influential people I I met in his office, before ordering my detention.”

When asked what led to his detention, the commander explained that “the problem is the arrest of these disbelievers who disturb the public peace in Minna. Since some of them have the support of some influential people. They misinformed the police commissioner and without investigating the allegations, he ordered my detention. He said why should I arrest the boys without police involvement?

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