Letter to the Editor: Beware of Misleading Energy Campaigns

If you were at the polls on June 14, you may have spoken of a campaign called “No Blank Checks” also known as “Maine Affordable Energy”. They may have given you a compelling sales pitch for how voters should approve of any project over a billion dollars.

Sounds like a good idea! But this land is a Trojan horse used by CMP and their foreign parent company, Iberdrola, to obstruct and interfere with Maine’s democratic process!

Maine’s ballot initiative system is a hallowed form of direct democracy that not all states enjoy. Unfortunately, companies often abuse our system. They can quickly and easily pour millions of their corporate dollars into creating deceptive referendums to confuse the people of Maine about the true grassroots efforts. In the case of No Blank Checks, they are imposing an unnecessary law that exists solely to maintain their monopoly and massive profits. Our legislature and our infrastructure should not have to be punished just because some foreign company wants things to go as planned.

Please do not support or sign any No Blank Checks campaign petitions. They’re organized by a DC-based company that uses out-of-state petition collectors from faraway states like Texas and California who don’t know the history of these issues and won’t live with the consequences. Most frustratingly, No Blank Checks is funded by the profits CMP has made from Mainers’ price gouging for our electricity!

Keep corporate money out of our politics!

Guillaume Hardy

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