Audrey Henson raises $250,000 in first two weeks of HD 60 campaign

Pinellas businesswoman Audrey Henson has raised $259,300 since launching its campaign for House District 60 just under two weeks ago.

Henson’s campaign announced that the money raised comes without transferring funds from his campaign account to the previous Congress. Henson was previously a candidate for Florida’s 13th congressional district, but in early June, dropped their campaign to stream it in HD 60.

“Democrats assume Lower Pinellas is theirs, and for more than a decade Liberals have taken the greats of St. Pete and Pinellas Park for granted by using that seat as a springboard for higher political aspirations,” he said. Henson said in a statement.

“Their DC talking points will no longer work as out of touch politicians lead our country into a recession as inflation and gas prices continue to soar. Having raised over $250,000 in just two weeks, I have proven that there is not just the enthusiasm to overthrow this siege, but the resources to get our message across.

Henson’s campaign provided the latest fundraising update. More details will be available when applicants’ financial reports are due. At the end of March, Henson also had $212,687 in cash in his congressional campaign account, according to the most recent data available from the Federal Election Commission.

Henson will head straight into the general election against the Democratic nominee Lindsay To cross, environmental specialist. The district is analogous to that now held by Rep. Ben Diamonda St. Petersburg Democrat who also recently released the CD competition 13. The diamond has approved Cross as his preferred successor.

The Republican candidate will likely need a big war chest as she tries to tip the district red. About 54.92% of voters in the new district voted for president Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election, when only 43.51% supported donald Asset.

While Henson has made big gains in the fundraising game, Cross has always maintained a successful fundraising campaign. Since entering the race, Cross’s campaign has raised $160,904 and his affiliate political committee has raised $11,850, in addition to $16,951 carried over from a previous Senate race in 2018.

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