The party wants to make agriculture the basis of the economy


A POLITICAL PARTY is determined to make agriculture the mainstay of the economy.

Wilson Thompson, public relations officer for the PNG Country Party and one of 16 contenders at the Goroka Open, said results in the sector had been weak over the years.

“We keep getting the same results,” he said.

“We need revolutionary practices in agriculture to create and put money in the pockets of ordinary people.

“Our party will ensure that the prices of coffee, cocoa, copra and rubber are maintained and kept high for producers.

“The party will not support the prices with money, which is not sustainable, like what is happening now.

“The price support money is gone because it’s not enough to keep supporting prices.

“PNG Country Party will instead deal with bureaucratic measures in order to keep prices high in a sustainable way.

“We can achieve this by removing tariffs on agricultural supplies, removing government and Coffee Industry Corporation and marketing board levies and taxes on farmers, removing fuel surcharges and removing unnecessary taxes and fees so that international prices are passed on to producers and farmers.

He said farmers deserved to fully benefit from their labor.

Mr. Thompson said the party wants to link the country to the less developed regions of the Gulf, Central, Morobe and Eastern Highlands provinces, with priority to the Anga region.

He also added that the party’s connectivity plan includes infrastructure, communication and electricity.

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