School transport to deal with owners and drivers involved in Seventh Road reckless driving

The Midrand Learner Transport Association (MLTA) says any driver who flagrantly disregards the rules of the road and puts the lives of learners at risk will be slapped with a hefty fine.

Although not all drivers, but most motorists, including taxi drivers and sometimes school bus drivers drive on the Seventh Road side of Halfway Gardens.

The association’s public relations officer, Phil Pillay, said they would not let drivers involved in reckless driving go unpunished.

He said the association prioritized the safety of learners as it was their only bread and butter to survive in these difficult economic times.

“Listen, I’m not here to protect our drivers who do this [reckless driving] while carrying the children. But there are a lot of dynamics involved because sometimes the problem starts at home when a child takes about 10 to 15 minutes to get out of the house,” Pillay said.

“From there we have a problem because now they have to be on time for school to avoid being locked out, so that’s when our drivers do it. just to get learners on time because of this earlier delay.”

Pillay urged parents to play their part in ensuring they prepare learners to avoid being late for school due to traffic on other roads in the area.

MLTA training officer Lucky Mmusi said they would deal with owners and drivers who ignored the rules of the road and they would be slapped with a hefty fine.

“We have a disciplinary commission within the association which aims to ensure that our drivers respect the rules of the road. On June 3, we will interview the owner of the vehicle you see in the photo you took. The owner will receive a fine and a reckless driving warning,” Mmusi said.

He said schools and parents can also play a huge role in reducing reckless driving by opting for signalmen on busy roads and school transport rather than physically dropping them off.

Mmusi concluded that the association tried to organize roadshows with the parents, but only a few people showed up.

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