2 high school students charged with bringing weapons to campus on Tuesday

ALBUQUERQUE, NM – Some of what people saw in Texas on Tuesday is frighteningly similar to what we experienced in New Mexico. Teenagers get their hands on guns and take lives – and young victims die in a place that should be safe for all students.

We have seen the deadly consequences nationally and locally. Last weekend, an 18-year-old allegedly shot and killed 10 people at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York.

Here in New Mexico, two teenagers reportedly brought firearms to two subway high schools on Tuesday.

Rio Rancho Public Schools confirmed that police arrested a student on Tuesday for bringing a gun to Cleveland High School. Another student reported it – but apparently no threats were made.

Albuquerque Public Schools officials later confirmed they found a gun in a student’s backpack in the Volcano Vista High parking lot. This student is also in custody.

KOB 4 brought this to public safety expert, retired ODA Commander Paul Szych. He says that to know what is going on with our children, we have to start with the adults.

“So they grow up in that environment, they see it, and then they start to imitate it, unfortunately. So the gun is just a tool. It’s part of imitating that lifestyle. “Szych said. “As a society, it gets away from us, you know, our young people in some cases become as violent as the adults.

According to him, what needs to happen to make schools safer?

Very often, any potential solution is overshadowed by the immediate political fights. Its overarching message is that until every stakeholder is fully engaged, it is not possible for us to have substantial change.

Szych, like many of us today, mentioned past tragedies that caused outrage — but no reform.

“Sandy Hook should have been a lesson to every person in this country that if we don’t determine that we’re going to be most committed to keeping our kids safe in school, it’s going to repeat itself. And that’s exactly what that it’s done. Hundreds of times it’s been repeated. And this is no exception,” Szych said.

School safety is also different depending on the age of the students.

Szych thinks elementary schools should have the most heavily armed officers because those younger students are more vulnerable.

“If that teacher is incapacitated or incapacitated by an offender, you now have thirty defenseless people who have almost no ability to make those decisions to engage the offender.” Szych said. “If you don’t have a police officer at the location of the school when the shots start to be fired or even before they are fired, you now face a lag. And this mismatch, unfortunately, causes people to lose their lives. »

Now we are waiting to see if action will be taken at the federal level to address gun violence.

Legislation was introduced at the Roundhouse last session to hold adults accountable for gun crimes committed by their children, but it never made it to the governor’s office.

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