PHOTOS: Niran Adedokun holds a book reading for ‘Law is a Donkey’ in Abuja

Niran Adedokun, the public relations practitioner and lawyer, had a reading and signing of his book titled “The Law is an Ass” on Sunday.

The book reading took place at The Booksellers, Nurnberger Plaza, Abuja.

The event was hosted by The Booksellers member Folarin Mosuro, with Adedokun all talkative and thoughtful as he guided the audience through the content of his book.

Speaking to TheCable, Adedokun said ‘The Law is an Ass’, which comprises nine short stories and is over 160 pages long, is his third and first fiction book.

The author revealed that his love for writing inspired him to publish the book.

“The Law is a Donkey is my third book, but the other books are non-fiction,” Adedokun said.

“I always wanted to write fiction after doing the two non-fiction books. I just felt like the next book I would do was going to be fiction and that’s how I started putting the stories together.

“I started writing when I was very young, but it wasn’t something I took seriously, I used to write and throw them away, then I gave up for a while. moment.

“But by the time I entered the University of Ilorin, I was studying theater and performing arts, then I discovered that I liked to write. So I joined the journalism club on campus and by the time i graduated i was sure i wanted to be a journalist and a writer.

“You should expect more books by the grace of God and they will be miscellaneous books. I trust God to help me be able to do this.

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