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MATALAM, North Cotabato (MindaNews/May 21) – The opposition, or Leni Robredo’s camp to be more specific, say they lost the 2022 election due to “disinformation”/”misinformation” and the work of ” paid trolls. (The other three camps are either pseudo opposition or fake administration). When you point to these as the culprits when you were actually the biggest spender on social media and have the mainstream media with you, you’re admitting your communications and public relations (CPR) teams are weak. , it’s the least we can say. Whether in politics or business, the job of the CPR team is not only to sell the product but also to study the strategy and behavior of competitors and to counter bad publicity and/or black propaganda. .

On the other hand, when you claim that your CPR teams did their best, it’s either that their best wasn’t good enough, or you just have to admit the painful truth that your product isn’t salable. In this case, you just need to adapt the so-called “Volkswagen principle”.

When you look at the Volkswagen Beetle (a popular German-built car in the 1960s) from the side, you’ll notice that the hood rises to a point and then continues in a smooth horizontal line. It is the same with its roof until it descends towards the rear. The stable horizontal line that approaches a downward trajectory is called the “law of diminishing returns”. The opposition may already be on its waning comeback, and therefore there is an urgent need to revisit its strategies, its philosophy, rethink key assumptions and, most importantly, revise its political paradigm.

Filipino”massa“Voters (ordinary people) have not changed since time immemorial. They had been personality-oriented and obsessed with the pin-up or “idol” archetype – the reason Robin Padilla landed the top spot in the Senate and why Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Jinggoy Estrada and JV Ejercito are from from time to time serious suitors. . This is how the “massa” votes, which, by the way, constitute the 65% of the voting population. They are dispersed in rural areas, and most often have very limited access to information. They don’t look at the issues and nuances of the past. They don’t care if one is “well educated” and the other an unqualified “thief”. The PRRD was idolized by the “massain 2016 and it catapulted him to the presidency.

Because they constitute the majority of voters, the opposition must strive by all means to win the hearts of “massaand prepare a candidate who could become their “idol” in due course. Political platforms and advertisements are still necessary for the consumption of the middle and upper 35% of society.

This election should serve as a wake-up call for progressive liberals in case they are still half asleep after the devastating loss of senatorial candidates “Otso Deretso” in the 2019 midterm elections. They need to go back to the drawing board and reassess themselves. themselves and their strategies. On the one hand, when you have a sitting president idolized by the “massait was a gaffe to call them bobotantes. They will surely strike back at you with the force of 16 million.

Dr. Rommel Curaming, who considers himself a well-meaning progressive liberal, writes: “It is time we gave up our arrogance to assume that we have a monopoly on morality, critical thinking, good judgment and love of the country. The people who voted for BBM (Marcos Jr.) and the other candidates also got them equally. Because of our presumption of moral and intellectual superiority, we ignore or reject them out of hand, calling them (bobotante) names that misrepresent our liberality. Let’s stop acting as if we were the only legitimate vanguard of the ongoing process of socio-political evolution. Let’s stop assuming that we are the only ones who really understand the plight of the people and that we have the exclusive right to speak on their behalf. »

This recent election has shown that negative campaigning is not the way to go. When Isko Moreno, a third placed in the polls, called for Leni Robredo to resign or drop out of the presidential race, he was quickly ousted by Manny Pacquiao in third place which was confirmed by the election results. .

These landmark election results should be a clear call for the opposition to revisit its campaign strategies and rethink key assumptions to consider what liberal politics entails in the Philippine setting. Right now, liberalism and progressivism are in crisis in various parts of the world. It is now up to the opposition to save it from uselessness if it still wishes to build on said political ideology.

Let me address the more specific issue: Leni Robredo herself. What was wrong with her?

Leni’s early indecision to join the presidential race took so long and it sent the other presidential aspirants bickering into a dilemma while BBM was on the final stages of consolidating its forces. He shrewdly made concessions with major political groups and influencers from north to south to ensure that his political apparatus served him well.

At a time when the political opposition, or the main drivers of 1Sambayan to be more precise, were looking for a strong leader, they turned their eyes to Ms Robredo and expected her to embrace the call for a united opposition outright. . I do not agree with the initiative of the group (1Sambayan) for a selection of presidential aspirants because it gave the impression that the winner is superior to others in many respects. It was a big disappointment for the other candidates who also see themselves as another presidential wood. The selection process should have been done on the basis of consensus and not screening or competition.

The long wait pushed other presidential aspirants to follow their own political lines, clearing the path Robredo was to walk later, so much so that a call for a united opposition by the 1Sambayan group went hollow and bereft. of strength. the fire and enthusiasm he needs.

Dilly-dallying that worked for Duterte in 2016 didn’t work for Robredo as the precedents between the two were different. Duterte showed no interest in the presidency to avoid an early attack that came to Binay. The opposition took advantage of Binay’s early exposure to do demolition work against him, which effectively tore him to pieces.

Duterte was pushed by the “masa”. and therefore his dithering was heavily charged by the sympathetic majority. Robredo was pushed back from her long wait by the 1Sambayan, a rallying group working for the unity of the opposition and perceived as an elitist group because it is composed of intellectuals and high caliber judges. Duterte’s wait-and-see attitude was like a volcano waiting to erupt. Robredo’s long wait was like a compressed spring; the longer he was released, the weaker he became.

On the other hand, Sara Duterte’s decision to finally run as BBM’s VP tandem bolstered their chances as it was seen as a political marriage made in heaven between the strong north and the strong south with the Central Visayas endorsing the Uniteam couple.

It was surprising, even confusing, to see Leni Robredo who, as president of the Liberal Party, did not run under her banner. It was seen as an attempt to move away from the tarnished image of the yellow cult following the devastating defeat of the “Otso Deretso” in the 2019 midterm elections. She chose to be pink as an independent candidate. Even then, people still see Ms. Robredo as yellow disguised as pink. That’s why she and her band earned the nickname “pinklawans.”

Dr. Curaming continues his treatise by saying, “Let us be aware of the intellectualist biases that impede our efforts to reach ordinary people (massa). Just as fact-checking hasn’t reversed the tide of support for Trump in the United States, it can’t do the trick in the Philippines either. The presumption that people’s support for BBM is primarily based on disinformation/misinformation, which drives fact-checking efforts, needs serious rethinking because the whole idea is patronizing. (Unfortunately) it was one of those that turned off a lot of people when the “kakampinks” tried to convince them. The people who voted for BBM have their own valid reason for doing so. To deny this is yet another sign of liberal hubris that allows us to fantasize that we know more and better than the people who actually live their own lives.

If we look at why and how the two presidents Cory Aquino and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo assumed the presidency, it is fate made possible when they were seen as the only emerging personality to save a situation that threatens our democracy. In Cory’s time, it was preceded by the overthrow of the so-called Marcos dictatorship. During the PGMA era, it was preceded by the dismissal of Erap (pres. Joseph Estrada). When the husband abuses his authority in the household, the mother is seen as the savior of the children.

Should Leni wait for this kind of situation to exist? If not, the opposition must revise its strategies, rethink key assumptions and revise its political paradigm.

(MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. Maugan P. Mosaid holds a Ph.D. in rural development. He is a freelance writer, planning consultant, and teaches statistics and research methods at graduate school. He can be contacted at [email protected])

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