Professor M. Kathryn Brown receives the Binford Family Award | UTSA today | UTSA

While a graduate student at Southern Methodist University, Brown studied with Lewis Binford, the acclaimed archaeologist after whom the prize is named. This connection with Binford made the award all the more personal for Brown.

“This award is particularly impactful because Lewis Binford served as my informal mentor during my graduate studies,” Brown said. “Binford was a very important figure in the discipline of archeology and I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to take several courses from him and learn the importance of using scientific reasoning in archaeology. all the courses I teach today, I emphasize scientific reasoning and critical thinking.

Providing students with tools for critical thinking is a passion for Brown. She has developed a comprehensive undergraduate course on this subject, which is open to all students, regardless of major and with no prerequisites. Brown encourages college students outside of COLFA to enroll in the course.

“I teach a course called ‘Frauds, Myths and Mysteries in Archaeology’ which teaches students how to critically evaluate the information that comes to them daily from the news, television, YouTube, friends, relatives and the media. social,” Brown said. “Using scientific reasoning, we critically evaluate and debunk many pseudoscientific claims about human society in the past. This course provides students with important critical thinking skills, essentially tools they can use in their lives even if they don’t plan to become professional archaeologists.

In addition to providing a quality undergraduate student experience, Brown hopes the award and her dedication to educational outcomes will help attract high-quality master’s and doctoral candidates to apply for the degree programs. Graduates in Anthropology from UTSA.

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