What’s Behind CP’s Successful Metaverse Campaign?

Press release

  • The most attended Fan Party in the world in Metaverse with 1,500 registered in the first 15 minutes.
  • #CPBolognaMewTaverseParty reached #1 in Thai Vietnam and Singapore and was #3 in global trends.
  • 1.5 million hashtags were used within 30 minutes of launch.

It all happened at CP Bologna Mewtaverse’s, CP Foods’ Metaverse event, a massive success backed by the excessive power of fandom marketing! How did you shout advertisingDoes the agency overseeing the campaign deliver it?

Designing experiences is important for creating marketing campaigns.

Metaverse, a major buzzword in the world of technology and business, is a virtual reality world in which users can interact with other users in a virtual environment. Even in the midst of Metaverse trends, one should not neglect to think about the behavior of the target audience before planning a comprehensive offline marketing.

The campaign kicked off effectively using OOH Media and online advertising films. To make party-goers aware that “CP Spicy Bologna is best suited for your favorite drinks”, the key message “สายดื่มต้องมี…CP โบโลน่าพริก” (Drinkers must have CP Spicy Bologna) has been used. The message was aimed at party audiences and people who follow the presenter, Mew Suppasit, a famous singer and actor in Thailand at the moment.

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Fan interaction isn’t just marketing; it’s building a relationship.

Along with choosing a presenter with a strong fan base, building a relationship with the audience is also crucial. Based on previous campaign experiences, CP is well-versed in using Twitter to interact with the public. Engaging with the public is not just about marketing or advertising. It’s about listening to fans’ needs, giving the details fans want to know, and helping them solve the problem. Indeed, the public is at the heart of the success of the campaign.

What's Behind CP's Successful Metaverse Campaign?  |  News by Thaiger

Image via Yell Advertising

Gamification plays a big role.

Another significant contributor to success is how effectively Yell Advertising handled the complexity of integrating offline and online campaigns into the metaverse. Yell was involved in creating activities, distributing fan levels, and adapting offline fan meeting mechanics online. On top of that, they also designed the Metaverse space, creating a unique experience for Mewlions (Mew Suppasit fans) with just 2,000 free passes to join a special party that ended with a mini-concert from the unexpected guest, Nont Thanon, in the Metaverse. world.

What's Behind CP's Successful Metaverse Campaign?  |  News by Thaiger

Image via Yell Advertising

The Metaverse is for use, not for show.

Yell sees the metaverse event itself as the tool to create the flow of online campaigns due to its extreme popularity. Thus, people were not forced to join the virtual world.

However, it is essential to guarantee the functionality and use of the metaverse. The analysis showed that although people today are interested in new technologies, not everyone has the latest technologies. So, to make the metaverse accessible and convenient for everyone, Gather Town, a 2D metaverse, was chosen. Gather Town consumes less device resources. So fans can have a good experience on their phones, tablets or computers and won’t be disturbed or blocked by many users.

What's Behind CP's Successful Metaverse Campaign?  |  News by Thaiger

Image via Yell Advertising

What will be the future of Metaverse and marketing?

Many brands are still looking to create campaigns that find ways to become part of consumers’ lives. Making the most of technology, the CP Spicy Bologna campaign showed the successive use of Metaverse to raise awareness among consumers while creating new experiences for them. This is certainly intriguing for future traders!

The good news is that the CP Bologna Mewtaverse is still open and waiting for you! Explore the Mewtaverse by clicking HERE.

Are you interested in the agency behind the event? Click on HERE to learn more about Yell Adverstising.

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