Nevis Bank aims to offer the best rewards with minimal risk

Launched by the popular NEVIS Investments platform, Nevis Bank’s vision is to provide the best rewards to the user with minimal risk.

After serving clients for more than 8 years in the financial market, NEVIS Investments introduced a brand new financial product to the crypto space under the name of NEVIS Bank.

Nevis Bank is a bond platform that allows users to deposit their stablecoin and in return they get paid 0.6% daily for one year on the total amount they deposited. This helps them earn a fixed APR of 220% (796% APY) on the BUSD stablecoin.

Compared to its competitors in the crypto market, NEVIS Bank offers one of the highest APRs on BUSD stablecoins.

Speaking to the media, a spokesperson for Nevis Bank said: “Our vision is to offer the best rewards with the lowest possible risk to users. With this goal, we help users earn a fixed APR on the stablecoin they deposited. Thanks to the hard and professional work done by the Nevis Bank team, our clients are very satisfied with our services and have even started recommending us to their friends and family. This word of mouth advertising has been helpful in the growth and development of Nevis Bank”.

The idea of ​​Nevis Bank developed when customers of this platform were looking for ways to invest their money, what steps they should take and how they could do it in a planned way. Customers have been satisfied with the company’s services for eight years. So when they contacted the team, they got their questions answered.

Apart from Nevis Bank, the other product offered by Nevis Investments as part of its platform is Nevis Token. It is a deflationary BUSD reward crypto token that is low risk and offers sustainable high yield. What makes it unique is that since every transaction of the NEVIS token comes with a 15% fee, users can earn passive BUSD rewards in their dashboard by simply holding the tokens in their wallet.

NEVIS staking is another way to earn rewards paid in proportion to the amount deposited and the total stake percentage of the NEVIS staking pool. Every day, 1% of the reward pool is distributed to stakeholders.

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