Author Selena Soto’s new book ‘Oliver the Rabbit Makes a Wish’ is the charming story of a bunny who learns the important lesson that all that glitters isn’t gold

The recent publication, “Oliver the Rabbit Makes a Wish” by Selena Soto, author of Newman Springs Publishing, is a wonderful story of a rabbit named Oliver who longs to be human and experience what humans do. When his wish is suddenly granted, Oliver is in awe of all the wonderful things humans can experience, but soon learns there are downsides too and begins to regret his old life.

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Selena Soto has finished her new book, ‘Oliver the Rabbit Makes a Wish’: a delightful story of Oliver, a rabbit whose wish to be a human comes true. New adventures and experiences await him as he learns what it means to be human.

Soto begins his story, “Oliver the rabbit lives with the McGregors.

“When their grandchildren were begging for Mrs. McGregor’s famous cherry pie, Oliver always wondered what the hell was up with. But every time he tried to grab a bite, someone pulled him away. ‘No, Oliver Rabbits can’t eat pie.’

“Then he observed how much fun the granddaughter, Maya, was having on the rocking horse. He wanted to try it. But he was too small to rock the horse.

“Most importantly, Oliver wanted to be able to talk to his loved ones. He thought talking would bring them closer.

“That night, while Oliver was eating kale, a little piece of paper fell out of nowhere as he thought about how things would be better…if he were human.

“So poof! Oliver’s accidental wish had been granted!”

Published by Newman Springs Publishing, Selena Soto’s adorable tale carries important messages for readers of all ages, like appreciating the life we ​​have. Accompanied by colorful illustrations that highlight Soto’s text, “Oliver the Rabbit Makes a Wish” will capture readers’ hearts and fire the imagination.

Readers wishing to discover this captivating work can purchase “Oliver the Rabbit Makes a Wish” in bookstores worldwide or online at the Apple iBooks Store, Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

For more information or media requests, contact Newman Springs Publishing at 732-243-8512.

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Author Selena Soto’s new book ‘Oliver the Rabbit Makes a Wish’ is the charming story of a bunny who learns the important lesson that all that glitters isn’t gold

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