Supporters brave mud and rain to hear Trump campaign for Oz in Greensburg | News

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Donald Trump supporters stood in the mud amid a rainstorm on Friday to hear the former president throw his support behind fellow Republican Dr. Mehmet Oz, who is running in this race. year for one of Pennsylvania’s seats in the US Senate.

The two were joined by a cast of allies at Westmoreland Fairgrounds, including U.S. Representatives John Joyce, Guy Reschenthaler, Mike Kelly and Alexander Mooney, as well as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, Ohio Senate candidate JD Vance and Dinesh D’Souza, creator of the film “2000 mules”.

Trump had previously endorsed Oz in the crowded Pennsylvania GOP estate.

“You’re going to send Dr. Oz to fight for you in the United States Senate,” Trump told the crowd, who waited hours to hear him speak.

Trump said Oz, star of “The Dr. Oz Show,” had the best chance among Republican candidates to win the general election.

“Dr. Oz is a man who truly believes in making America great again,” Trump said.

Speaking of himself and Trump, Oz said, “The insiders, the establishment, they hate us because we threaten the status quo. We go after them.

Oz talked about its “America First” philosophy and China’s global presence.

“We’re not just fighting for the soul of Pennsylvania or the soul of the country,” Oz said. “We are fighting for the soul of the world and we will defeat China.”

Reschenthaler, whose redesigned 14th congressional district will soon include nearly all of Somerset County, said he supports Oz because he thinks Oz is “pro-life,” pro-Second Amendment, pro-Israel and pro -MAGA.

“It’s Dr. Oz in spades,” Reschenthaler said.

Joyce, whose 13th congressional district includes Johnstown, spoke about drugs, education, crime, inflation and “protecting unborn children in their mothers’ wombs” while criticizing President Joe Biden, a democrat.

Joyce said that if Republicans take over the United States Senate and House of Representatives, “we will be the strong republic we were meant to be.”

War in Ukraine

Trump’s speech mostly resembled his 2020 campaign rallies, where he promoted his agenda, touted what he saw as his successes, and challenged Democrats and the media.

A new issue was the war in Ukraine which began when Russia invaded earlier this year. It followed the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan, ending two decades of war in some chaos.

“(Russian President Vladimir) Putin saw this incredible weakness, and that’s when he decided to invade Ukraine,” Trump said. “He didn’t watch Ukraine when I was there. It would never, ever have happened. 100%.”

Trump: ‘I won twice’

Part of the rally included allegations backed by Trump that the 2020 presidential election he lost to Biden was fraudulent.

D’Souza alleges in his film and said in his speech that ballot stuffing occurred and swayed the outcome in favor of Biden.

“What’s wrong with the media? What’s wrong with people not wanting the truth out? Lindell asked. “You must be wondering this.”

Trump also spoke about the election, saying, “I ran twice. I won twice.”

He added: “And now we may have to do it again.”

The former president and his supporters have filed more than 60 federal and state lawsuits across the country, including about a dozen in Pennsylvania, challenging aspects of the election. All but one were rejected for lack of merit or reputation.

Political enemies react

Two of the GOP primary favorites — Oz and David McCormick, a hedge fund executive — have moved to Pennsylvania to run for the Senate. Democrats and some Republicans have repeatedly raised the residency aspect of their candidacies.

“(They’re) two out-of-state multi-multi-multi-millionaires, who have no connection to how people live in places like western Pennsylvania. None,” the rep said. American Democratic Senate candidate Conor Lamb at a recent campaign stop in Cambria County.”So they’re gonna come in and blame the Biden administration for inflation, and the border, and this, that, and the other . My question is going to be “What do you offer?” ”

Trump said McCormick was “not MAGA”.

Earlier today, McCormick’s campaign sent out a press release containing comments from Mike Pompeo, the former US Secretary of State and director of the Central Intelligence Agency, regarding Oz’s connection to Turkey, including including voting in the 2018 presidential election in that country.

“Not only has he not engaged in the American political process, but he has engaged in the Turkish political process and that raises, in my mind, a lot of judgments about his priorities and we have to bring him and his team, to explain why he had the time and energy and focus to vote in Turkish elections, but not in American elections,” Pompeo said.

“And you combine that with some of the work he’s done, some of the political involvement he’s had with Turkey, and I think… Mehmet Oz’s campaign owes the people of Pennsylvania an explanation. “

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