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During the first week of medical school, Ed Delesky knew what kind of doctor he wanted to be. But this did not belong to a specific field of medicine.

In 2018, as a new medical student at Rowan University’s Cooper Medical School (CMSRU), Delesky received and read the book “The Upstream Doctors” by Rishi Manchanda. The book outlines a health care philosophy focused on using a proactive mindset to look “upstream” to identify the root causes of health problems, rather than focusing on establishing rapid diagnosis in a purely reactive way.

“After I finished reading the book, I imagined my future as a doctor and thought,

‘I should run uphill. I want to run upstream. From that moment on, Delesky was determined to do whatever it took to become a doctor who advocated for his patients.

“You won’t regret taking my chance”

When Delesky first set foot on University Green as an undergrad at Rowan University, he had no idea he wanted to be a doctor.

In freshman year, Delesky began taking courses related to his stated major in chemical engineering. While he enjoyed learning various aspects related to the field of engineering, he started considering other career options.

“I was looking for a career that would allow me to apply critical thinking skills, while giving me the opportunity to connect with others on a deeper level,” Delesky recalls. “When I discovered the different ways science and humanism intersect in medicine, I knew this was the path for me.”

With that, Delesky changed his major to biochemistry, and he moved forward in seeking opportunities that would challenge him and push him to learn and grow. He joined many student organizations on the Rowan campus. As a proud member of the Admissions Ambassador team, Delesky has arranged tours for prospective students and their families. Delesky was also a student athlete. He was a member of Rowan’s men’s outdoor track team, representing the teachers in javelin throwing.

In terms of extracurricular activities related to his academic discipline, Delesky joined the Problem-Based Learning Primer. This group is open to members of the Specialty College Bantivoglio Concentration interested in pursuing a career in the healthcare field. Students meet weekly to discuss a range of topics related to different cases, all to facilitate discussions in preparation for the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT).

Through this involvement, Delesky recognized that he had a strong interest in supporting his peers in learning as they progressed to a full comprehension and comprehension of the material regarding a variety of medical related topics. As a result, he became the medical student advisor to the Problem-Based Learning Initiation group, as well as a tutor and mentor to his peers.

“When I became a tutor, I developed a new perspective. I realized that education is extremely important to me,” Delesky explained. “Seeing something click for someone after spending a lot of time trying to figure it out is exciting. Professionally, it invigorates me and motivates me to never stop learning. I enjoy finding ways to learn and stay up to date on current issues. »

In 2018, Delesky finished his undergraduate career – graduating at the top of his class, winning the American Chemical Society award in recognition of holding the highest grade point average (GPA) of any biochemistry major and in chemistry graduated from Rowan.

In the same year, to the delight of Delesky and his family, he was accepted into the medical faculty of CMSRU. He got a call from Dr. William Kocher, Associate Dean of Admissions at CMSRU.

“I remember feeling so happy and proud,” Delesky said. “I said to Dr. Kocher, ‘You won’t regret trying your luck with me. “”

The “treasure” of the CMSRU curriculum

From the start of his studies at CMSRU, Delesky knew that service learning would be an extremely meaningful part of his medical education journey.

“The treasure of the CMSRU curriculum is the service-learning part,” Delesky said. “Students here consider Camden their school and their home. We appreciate having the opportunities to engage with the community so often.

Early on, Delesky found the perfect person to fill the service-learning component of his medical training. He joined a group called “Homework Heroes”, an opportunity that combined his passion for learning and helping others. Children from the local Camden community are invited to take part in the ‘Homework Heroes’ programme.

Twice a week, the children bring their homework with them to the CMSRU medical education building. Medical students provide academic support and guidance to children while they work on their homework. Delesky credits this group with “the most valuable long-term experience” during his time in medical school.

“Through Homework Heroes, I really enjoyed seeing my classmates in a different light. We had the opportunity to be authentic and compassionate ourselves outside of patient interactions,” Delesky said.

“This experience was an exercise not only for the children, but also for us. We learned to develop patience and consider other points of view, which allowed us to form new perspectives. I think that’s what adds to the development of who you are as a person and the deep layers within.

Become a family

As his journey as a medical student draws to a close, it is clear that Delesky has proven himself to be a valuable and exceptional member of the CMSRU community.

In recognition of his character, hard work and dedication to the field of medicine, Delesky has won prestigious awards, many of which are the result of nominations by his peers and mentors:

  • M1 and M2 CMSRU Excellence in Community Service recognition for being in the top 10% of volunteers
  • Selected to become a member of the CMSRU chapter of the Gold Humanism Honor Society
  • Selected for membership in the Chiron Medical Honor Society of CMSRU – awarded to the top 25% of students based on their academic achievement
  • Elected to the CMSRU Chapter of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society

More recently, Delesky was nominated and shortlisted for the Edward J. Ill Medical Excellence Fellowship. Offered by the Edward J. Ill Excellence in Medicine Foundation, this scholarship supports excellence in healthcare and fosters the future of New Jersey’s healthcare community. Recipients of this scholarship must be nominated and selected by an awards committee comprised of an independent panel of physicians and health leaders.

“Wherever I go, the people around me become family,” Delesky explained. He shared that his teachers and fellow medical students are wonderful people. For Delesky, CMSRU feels like home. Knowing his peers, professors and members of the CMSRU community think highly of him carries as much weight as receiving an award himself.

“It means so much to me,” he shared.

Delesky’s unparalleled work ethic comes from his parents, who are a true inspiration to him.

“My mom is the kindest, most genuine, open person I know,” Delesky noted. “My dad is the wisest and hardest working man I know. He has tremendous patience, and I don’t think I’ve ever heard him complain. I aspire to be like them one day.

With such strong family ties, it’s no surprise that Delesky chose to enter family medicine.

“Family medicine appeals to me because it is a long-term, collaborative journey. I am committed to supporting my patients and serving as a partner on their health journey,” said Delesky. “I aspire to defend my patients. I hope to help identify and solve health problems in order to avoid obstacles in the road.

Delesky joined family medicine at his first choice – Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

He looks forward to moving on to the next phase of his medical training and taking on additional responsibilities as a resident physician.

“The journey begins and ends on Bunce Green.”

As Delesky prepares to walk across the stage on University Green at Bunce Hall at the CMSRU Launch Ceremony on Wednesday, May 11, he reflects on his journey with a smile.

“As a student of Rowan, your journey begins and ends on Bunce Green,” he said.

Over the past eight years, Delesky has learned a lot, made strong connections and created great memories. Above all, he had a positive impact on the lives of others. If his journey so far is any indication of his future as a doctor, it’s clear that Delesky is already heading uphill.

“In my future career as a doctor, when I look back, I wish I felt like I did my best for everyone who needed my help,” Delesky explained. “One day, I hope to practice clinical medicine and be a teacher at the same time.

“My dream would be to return to CMSRU and give back to a community that meant so much to me.”

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