Openspace Metaverse NFT Liquid Agreement of Aggregate Financial Management Platform

As the NFT platform and blockchain technology develop rapidly, the metaverse is perhaps a key factor in changing the way society and commerce operate.

Let’s see how start-ups around the world are using NFT, blockchain and metaverse to accelerate their development.

Metaverse comes with an overwhelming trend:

The metaverse is normally defined as a digital reality. It is combined with social media, online games, augmented reality, virtual reality and many other technologies and functions.

In the future, the Metaverse may provide various entertainment or work opportunities.

According to Bloomberg report, metaverse revenue will approach $800 billion in 2024, while the counterpart was $500 billion in 2020. Online game producers and gaming hardware revenue is estimated to exceed $400 billion. billion, while entertainment and social media will take up the rest, around $400 billion.

Metaverse is the next big technology platform that has attracted online game producers, social platforms, and technology leaders to fill this rapidly growing market.

The metaverse will be characterized by the liberation of space, a strong experience and free access. It focuses on digitization and can involve entertainment, social and work etc. I predict that the metaverse will establish a complete ecological system for developers, application programs, advertising, and new numbers.

Currently, the beneficial shareholders of Metaverse include Meta, ByteDance, Spotify, Zoom, Twitch, Alibaba, Roblox, and Snapchat.

Facebook changed its name to Meta and invested $10 billion in the metaverse in 2021. In the meantime, Apple Inc will promote a metaverse with AR glasses, and Microsoft, which owns Microsoft Teams and games, will be the the most advanced company in the field of the metaverse. Improving WeChat in payment and access is the first step of a metaverse application program.

The influence of the NFT platform is growing.

NFT is a digital object: computer code and data conveying ownership.

Assets would be digitized, such as virtual real estate or special equipment for video games. Perhaps the assets would be real, like real estate, a drawing, or a concert ticket. Probably, NFT is the integration of both, like the right to dominate the room.

The physical world and the digital world continuously collide, which raises more expectations among the public about the prospect of NFT.

Investment bank Jefferies predicts that NFT revenues will exceed $35 billion in 2022 and $80 billion in 2025. This bank sees digital assets as an emerging technology and has suggested its clients to invest in more areas, including video games, toys, social media companies, etc.

NFT will be more and more popularized in movies, TV programs and books.

NFT is part of the digital economy and will be mainstream because it enables previously uncontrollable things like artwork or role. The digital economy consists of various online marketplaces including gaming economy, virtual real estate, even Facebook and many other social media platforms.

The development trend of NFT is unprecedented in the world, which has laid a solid foundation for following the development.

In 2021, the metaverse has become an online buzzword; in 2022, its popularity continues to increase. As a new favorite in the field of investment and technology circle, “metaverse” is pursued by the market as a technology concept and increasing day by day. Whether you like it or not, the era of the metaverse is just around the corner. Indeed, we already live in the metaverse to some extent, but we are not aware of it at all. In the virtual financial world dominated by the metaverse, how do you share a piece of the pie and make new profits? In particular, we interviewed relevant Openspace agents.

According to the introduction of OpenSpecec agents, in the virtual age of the metaverse, creators place NFT assets in the AMM mining pool, enhance the real value of the real world, and use blockchain technology to strengthen the real economy and operate above the blockchain. They use SFT as a conformation of universal rights in virtuality and reality to interconnect reality and virtuality, achieve application value, promote the economy of informational profits and amplify the efficiency of informational assets.

On this basis, Openspace – NFT metaverse liquid agreement of aggregated financial management platform came into the world and became a practitioner and pioneer of providing decentralized services in the industrial field.

As a global financial management platform NFT metaverse liquid agreement, Openspace is low-cost and low-threshold. Therefore, creators can derive periodic income from the AMM mining pool without any operations or second costs if they deposit liquid assets into the NFT liquid mining pool. In addition, creators can take advantage of the underlying benefits of the linear release of the AMM liquid mine pool to achieve “one investment, double income”.

As the design of the metaverse matures, many investors have made huge profits. In the future, the metaverse should see a new rising wave. By grasping the main direction, following the general trend, and dealing with the metaverse from a long-term perspective, the reward will eventually come true.

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