Local schools hold blood drives for SANBS

On April 8, Sion Private Academy collected 21 units of blood and on April 11, Edu-Funda Learning Center collected 22 units.

Hoërskool Dr EG Jansen collected 64 units, Hoërskool Oosterlig collected 76 units and Christian Brother’s College collected 30 units on April 12.

EG Jansen was the only school whose blood drive was open to the public.

According to local donor relations practitioner Trude Gaarekoe, SANBS is extremely grateful for all the units it has received.

“It has helped the national blood bank a lot, especially for the Easter holidays when blood is in high demand.

“Thank you very much to all the schools. SANBS really appreciates the support we receive from schools. Without a doubt, the patients and their families are very grateful for the necessary units of blood they have received,” she said.

Gaarekoe encouraged other schools to allow blood donation in schools as it is important for SANBS to have a steady blood supply for the future.

“Young people are our future blood supply. If young people can start donating blood at an early stage, we can save the nation through blood donations for those who need blood to live. There is no substitute for human blood.

According to the SANBS website, blood stocks are extremely low.

For more information on how to book a blood drive, visit www.sanbs.org.za

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