PRSSA reopens its doors on the Kean Ocean Campus

By Elaine Amico | Posted on April 15, 2022

The PRSSA, also known as the Public Relations Student Society of America, has officially returned to the Kean Ocean campus!

PRSSA is an organization of students who share a common interest in public relations and communication. The organization provides lasting relationships and gives students the opportunity to learn about the world of public relations before starting their professional career.

By joining PRSSA, students have the opportunity to work closely with a variety of clients and help them with whatever their needs.

Professor Schwab is PRSSA’s educational advisor and is very optimistic about the future of the organization.

First PRSSA meeting on the Kean Ocean Campus | Credit: Kean Ocean Campus Life Social networks

“I’m so excited to bring the PRSSA back to Kean Ocean,” Schwab said. “We have very talented and energetic public relations students at Ocean, and I can’t wait to show off their talents.”

Maggie Lambusta, Junior at Kean Ocean, is very happy to be the new co-president of the organization.

“My role is to enthusiastically delegate specific tasks, motivate and drive professional work,” Lambusta said. “Although this title seems distinct and prestigious, I am like my peers around me, so we work as a team and help each other to get the most out of this experience.”

Lambusta was a firm believer in wanting to revive student participation at Kean Ocean, as the pandemic had definitely taken a toll on student morale.

“I want everyone at school to be more involved, especially since this pandemic has taken away our college experience for a while,” Lambusta said. “Our goal for students here at Kean Ocean is to build on the skills taught in the classroom and put them to work.”

When you major in public relations, you sign up to learn a variety of skills. Some of these skills include learning how to work with businesses when they need events planned, crises supported, communicating with the media, and much more. While taking courses helps prepare students, gaining first-hand experience through organizations such as PRSSA is extremely beneficial.

“In our public relations classes, we see what needs to be done in the textbook, but that’s not enough of what it takes to get it done in real time,” Lambusta said. “PRSSA gives students the opportunity to practice public relations before graduation, giving them the skills, mindset and professionalism needed to succeed in this industry.”

Rebecca Clifton, Junior at Kean Ocean, is co-president of Lambusta. Clifton has found that finding time for internships alongside her work schedule and other commitments is not an easy task. PRSSA gives students the opportunity to gain further experience, but without the commitment of an internship.

“For students like me who work full-time and can’t necessarily do an internship, PRSSA gives us the opportunity to gain experience in the field without having an actual internship,” Clifton said.

PRSSA will officially hold meetings every Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. in the Gateway Building, Room 216. The organization is open to all majors and is eager for new students to join.

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