Dog donations keep North Woolmarket student council members busy

WOOLMARKET, Miss. (WLOX) – Pupils at North Woolmarket Primary and Secondary School are stepping up to help community organizations and learn the true meaning of serving others.

Each week, articles are donated to the Harrison County Humane Society. Everything was collected by the school’s student council.

“We usually go around and pick up all the stuff in their buckets and what they donated to the Humane Society,” fifth-year student council member Emerson Hanshew said.

This is not your ordinary student council. Grades are important, but this group also has a strong focus on community service.

“We wanted them to understand that we are part of a bigger world,” said Jewel Hurst. “We wanted them to learn that they don’t have to solve the world’s problems; Sometimes the little things add up.

A small pleasure for the children is that they can see the animals. It puts a face to what they need to give.

“Children and the whole community work together. We’ve had people donate things that don’t even have kids going to school here,” Hurst added.

So far, they’ve donated over 1,600 items to the Humane Society. They also collected over 5,000 donations for the Salvation Army.

“It feels good to be part of this group and I’m happy to help everyone,” added Hanshew.

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