2022 census will connect displaced people to their communities – NPC boss – Blueprint Newspapers Limited

The Executive Chairman of the National Population Commission (NPC), Alhaji Nasir Kwarra, has ensured a thorough enumeration in the upcoming census exercise, saying the process will encompass all Nigerians including Persons with Disabilities (PWD) as well as internally displaced persons. (IDPs) to their various homes, regardless of where they currently reside across the country.

Kwarra gave the assurance in Abuja during a retreat on “media/public relations and public speaking skills” for NPC Presidents and Federal Commissioners, reiterating that the commission has committed to providing accurate data that would enable better planning and national development.

According to him, people with disabilities will not only be counted but will also be engaged in the process as enumerators, revealing that the commission is already working with the disability commission to achieve this.

“Furthermore, the IDP questionnaires have been designed to let us know exactly where they come from, and that will link them to their households, whether they are still there or destroyed, we will link them to their communities.

“These data will help the government after the crises end to rebuild and relocate people to their communities for adequate resource mobilization and other development partners who may need their data for interventions,” he said. he declares.

Kwarra further revealed that communication strategies were changing and progressing rapidly, which made the retreat imperative, emphasizing the importance of good advocacy, rapid dissemination of information and effective engagement of all stakeholders. .

“Constant dissemination of correct and timely information and effective stakeholder engagement through advocacy is an integral and indispensable component of population response activities.

“The field of communication strategies is changing and progressing rapidly, we are in the era of digital communication and high-tech social networks.”

He identified the issue of acceptability as the biggest challenge facing the conduct of the census, which can only be solved with a good communication technique.

The Chair stressed the importance of publicity and advocacy in the successful implementation of the commission’s activities, noting that it is imperative to change negative orientation, dissolve apathy and eliminate prejudice for ensure stakeholder cooperation.

In his remarks, the Acting Chairman of the Department of Public Affairs Committee, Prof. Uba Nnabue, described the census as a people-driven exercise that makes people’s involvement imperative, adding that the retreat was in line with the mobilization key stakeholders to support and own the process.

Meanwhile, AHBN coordinator Dr. Magashi Aminu instructs the media to champion the cause of the commission, especially with the launch of the National Population Policy which aims to reduce the maternal mortality rate by 512 per 100,000. live births to 72 per 100,000 live births and also zero deaths by 2030.

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