Jacksonville City Council member LeAnna Cumber announces her mayoral campaign

JACKSONVILLE, Florida. —Republican LeAnna Cumber announced Monday that she will run in 2023 to replace a time-limited Lenny Curry for mayor of Jacksonville. Cumber is the fifth candidate and the second Republican to enter the race.

Currently in the mayoral race are Donna Deegan, a Democrat and former local TV personality who is also an advocate for breast cancer research, and Republican Councilman Al Ferraro. Non-party candidates Omega Allen and Darcy G. Richardson are also in the running.

LeAnna Cumber sat down with News4Jax anchor and This Week in Jacksonville host Kent Justice on Monday and explained why she’s running for mayor. “Cities across the country have done this, really revitalized themselves over the last decade,” Cumber said. “And we have to. And so I really see so much optimism and so much excitement across the city.

Cumber also told Kent Justice that she is against raising taxes as a solution to some of the city’s biggest problems. “The only way to become a better place, the only way people can educate their children the way they want, the only way to improve your commute times, the only way to have a vibrant downtown is to keep going. to tax you,” Cumber said. “And there are so many different ways to solve these problems. And that’s what we need to focus on rather than just saying, ‘Well, if we have to do this, we have to tax you again.’ Sorry, that’s just not the answer.”

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Cumber’s “JAX First” political committee has raised over $2 million. She joined the Jacksonville City Council which won District 5 in 2019.

To see his one-on-one interview with Kent Justice, tune into This Week in Jacksonville, Sunday at 9am, on Channel 4.

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