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“Bridge at its Best” is the motto of Bluffs Bridge Club, said Michael Knedler, new president of the Bluffs Bridge Association of Council Bluffs, founded in 2019.

Originally organized by two Iowa natives and bridge enthusiasts – Dr. Ted Hoff and Dick Miller – and billed as the first American Contract Bridge League in southwestern Iowa, the organization has expanded to encompass all popular forms of the game to include social bridge and bridge for a youth contingent in the coming months.

Its mainstay, however, is doubles bridge, which is played every Thursday, excluding public holidays, from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., with a free bridge lesson presented at 10:45 a.m. Knedler is joined by fellow board members Dr. James Rochelle, Mary Andersen, Judith O’Brien, Dr. Ted Hoff and Bill Treadway. Joanne Becker is Honorary Publicity Assistant.

For the benefit of interested bridge players, the organization today announced the opportunity to take knowledge and skills to the next level by taking part in a new series of intermediate bridge courses. Through April 26, from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m., the series will feature the finer points of the game and demonstrate specific methodologies for earning “tricks” and winning the game. The series of eight two-hour lessons is offered at a 50% discount — $40 per student.

For further details and registration, interested parties may contact Rochelle, Manager of Bluffs Bridge Club, by calling 402-201-3264.

The Intermediate Bridge Lessons will be led by renowned ACBL Certified Bridge Principal and Instructor, Pierre Flatowicz, who has taught the game of bridge to over 2,000 students – young and old – over a period of four decades with notable success. . Flatowicz is co-owner of The House of Cards in Omaha and was named manager of the Bluffs Bridge Club at Council Bluffs in 2019.

Flatowicz argues that bridge is a communication game in which a bridge player conveys their choice of cards, suit, and rationale to a receptive partner to reach a mutual contract to win the game.

“Upcoming intermediate bridge classes will include pointers and practice in bidding; hand games and popular conventions; and winning techniques and strategies,” Rochelle said.

Bluffs Bridge Club meets and plays at the YMCA Healthy Living Center at 714 S. Main St. in Council Bluffs.

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