Right to Life Smith County seeks abortion through campaign

“It’s about praying peacefully and supporting those young moms or moms of any age who are already in a really scary situation.”

TYLER, Texas — Right to Life Smith County gathered at the gymnasium of Bishop Tomas K. Gorman Catholic School to kick off their 40 Days of Life campaign in hopes of converting the hearts and minds of women or families seeking an abortion.

“It’s about peaceful prayer and support for those young moms or moms of any age who are already in a really scary situation,” said BJ Garrett, keynote speaker and author.

The group’s goal is to help women reconsider terminating their pregnancy and turning to other options and resources such as adoption instead of abortion.

Keynote speaker BJ Garrett knows the abortion experience first-hand, having been through it herself twice.

“I really thought I was doing my baby a favor, doing the best thing for him by ending his life,” Garrett said. “I chose abortion for the first time and it was horrible. I cried from the moment I walked in.”

The abortion rate in Texas fell 60% in the first month of Senate Bill 8, also known as the Heartbeat Act, which goes into effect in September 2021. The law restricts the abortion once a woman has reached six weeks of pregnancy.

Women who want to have an abortion beyond the first six weeks of their pregnancy are forced to seek the procedure in neighboring states. With that, it leaves a disproportionate impact on communities of color.

“Our average client is someone who is already a parent, it’s probably a black woman, they have a low income and have little or no access to health insurance,” said Kamyon Conner, executive director of Texas Equal Access. fund.

Whether a woman has an abortion or not, the 40 Days of Life campaign hopes to provide an open space for women to provide information, resources and prayers instead of judgment.

“The reality is, whether they choose life or choose to abort. They’re going to need love and support,” Garrett said. “There are resources, and we are here to support you and pray for you.”

To learn more about the 40 Days of Life campaign, click here.

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