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New year, new opportunities – this is the goal of the third edition of the Wealth Summit of the Ministry of Finance and the Public Service.

The ministry’s Wealth Summit is a series of free quarterly events aimed at improving the financial literacy of Jamaicans. The event will be streamed live on the JIS and Ministry of Finance YouTube and Facebook pages from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, February 9.

The summit will see the likes of investment guru and business journalist Kalilah Reynolds take the stage to offer advice and information on how to grow your money and generate passive income. Reynolds will join an impressive list of speakers to include Minister of State for the Department of Finance, Marsha Smith; Allison Morgan, Senior Director of Sales and Business Support at Victoria Mutual Property Services, Javette Nixon, President and CEO of Point Global Marketing, and renowned physician Dr. Alfred Dawes.

Shelly-Ann Weeks, director of the corporate communications and public relations branch at the Department of Finance, told reporters that this particular summit is about giving a blueprint for accomplishing the five best New Year’s resolutions that are usually made.

“We looked at the financial resolutions people have and narrowed them down to the five most popular money-related resolutions for Wealth Summit. We call it “New Year, New Opportunities”. The actual resolutions we look at are people want to make more money; they want to invest more; they want the money they earn to do more for them,” Ms. Weeks noted.

She added that from there, the summit will address other resolutions such as the desire for home ownership, starting a business and improving overall health.

“One of the biggest hurdles for people who want to start a business usually has to do with getting capital, getting financing. So, we say, this is how you can make a winning pitch to start your business. Another goal is to acquire real estate, so we will talk to the representatives about what they need to do now to acquire real estate, because not everyone is able to buy real estate right away , but they can learn how to get started,” Ms. Weeks explained.

She also pointed out that Dr. Alfred Dawes will be giving a presentation on investing in your health.

“Your most important asset, no matter what, is your health. If your health is not ready, then you are definitely going to have major challenges. Additionally, Minister Marsha Smith will provide an overview of the Jamaican economy and outline the opportunities available to Jamaicans. So those are the main topics we’re looking at. We are simply trying to empower Jamaicans to ensure that they have the tools to achieve their goals and to ensure that they can implement these resolutions. Ms. Weeks concluded.

Individuals can register for the virtual summit by visiting the Ministry of Finance and Public Service website at mof.gov.jm. The interactive session will also allow viewers to send their questions during the presentations via the chat function.


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