Chewy launches video campaign that expresses the inner thoughts of pets

Chewy is launching a brand campaign that seeks to give pets a voice by expressing their inner monologues. The “Chatty Pets” campaign is designed to be humorous and relatable, expressing what pets think in a series of short videos designed for television, social media, digital audio releases, and more.

“If you’re a pet owner, you’re well aware that pets communicate without speaking. You may even have a specific voice in your head for what your pet is like. We’ve tapped into this truth and applied it to one of your pet’s favorite moments; delivering their Chewy box,” said Bo MacDonald, Creative Director at 72andSunny Los Angeles, the creative agency working with Chewy on this project. in an organization.

“Chatty Pets” will introduce audiences to 5 animals with distinct personalities. Here is how Chewy describes these characters:

  • Joy is an excitable and cuddly cat with a flair for the dramatic. She makes the rules in her house and knows what she wants. Luckily, his adorable dad knows it too and is making his checkout cart dreams come true.
  • Lenny and Leroy may be opposites, but these iconic bunnies are best friends. Lenny is the excitable optimist, and Leroy spends most of his days keeping Lenny out of trouble.
  • Giorgio, a 3-pound chihuahua with an ego 10 times his size, and Ralph, a gregarious 200-pound companion, is an unlikely canine duo. The 2 have a very different view of a Chewy Pharmacy delivery.

“All of us at Chewy are obsessed with exploring how pets think and how we can add more joy to people’s relationships with their pets,” said Orlena Yeung, vice president of marketing at the brand at Chewy. “One of the most consistent and gratifying things we hear from customers is the excitement their pets show when a Chewy box arrives. ‘Chatty Pets’ exemplifies the purity of that reaction with a warmth and a playfulness true to the spirit of our brand.

The “Chatty Pets” video spots can be viewed here:

The campaign builds on last year’s popular #ChewyChattyPets TikTok hashtag challenge, which encouraged pet owners to share what their pets were thinking.


Chewy is launching a new campaign bringing us into the delightful spirit of pets. Press release. Chewy, Inc.; January 31, 2022.

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