Student Profile Series: Macy Stillwell

By Caleb Phelps

For young drivers, one of the most difficult skills to learn is parallel parking. It requires the ability to be spatially aware of the vehicle with reference to four points of contact in very tight spaces: the car in front, the car behind, the traffic on the driver’s side and the sidewalk on the passenger side. Perhaps the single most trying challenge is learning to back up in a trailer to a driveway. The skills needed to accomplish either of these tasks rely on 3 crucial ingredients: good instruction, repetition, and learning to look at where you will be in response to your current actions. For Macy Stillwell, a junior at LaRue County High School, she accomplishes all three of these tasks in relation to something more important than parallel parking or backing up in a trailer – she does it with her life.

For Stillwell, it looks like this: “I’m a junior in LaRue County High School. My parents are Marty and Kristy Stillwell. My father owns and operates his own construction business and my mother is a teaching assistant at ALES. “

While being a teenager has her challenges, she demonstrates service leadership in a way that shows a willingness to challenge herself to step out of her comfort zone and grow up, “I’m a member of Beta, Sources of Strength, National Honor Society, Prom Committee, Class Committee, Pep club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, and the tennis team.I am also President of the Y-Club and Secretary of the Class of 2023. Outside of school, i am an active member of my church and i love playing the piano and being outdoors.

Demonstrated by his actions, Stillwell wishes to serve in multiple avenues both at school and in the community at large. Yet she does all of this while working towards a goal for her future: “I am currently in the school process. My plans are to go to college and become an elementary school teacher. I dream of continuing my studies and maybe becoming a guidance counselor or director.

One of the core values ​​of LaRue County Schools is: “We believe that role models build relationships and provide a positive culture and learning environment for students. Students across the district, including Stillwell, have the opportunity to experience this value through everyone in the Hawk family: students, staff and all of LaRue County. While it may seem businesslike for the citizens of LaRue County on any given day, the culture that has been and is being built in the community allows students like Stillwell to grow and embark on a Bright future.

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