4400 is the best show you don’t watch – here’s why you should start

Let’s face it: there is a lot of TV out there. From traditional network series and cable to the plethora of streaming services that seem to be growing every day, it’s hard to keep up with every new great schedule. 4400, however, should definitely be on your list.

If the show’s name sounds familiar to you, it might be because it’s a reboot of The 4400, a CBS show that started airing in 2004. The new series, which debuted in October on The CW, retains many of the same elements that made people fall in love with the original, but adds a few twists and turns, making it even more relevant for the current times.

The show just had its midseason finale, which makes it a great time to catch up on the first eight episodes before the first half of the season this fall. Read on to find out four reasons why this show is a must see.

Reason to watch 4400: The Mystery

4400 – “The Kaminski Experiment” – Image Number: FFH108fg_0021r – Pictured: Autumn Best as Mildred – Photo: The CW – © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

You can’t have good science fiction without an intriguing central mystery, and 4400 has suspense and secrets in spades. There is, of course, the bigger global mystery of: why did these people disappear? How did they travel through time? And where did their powers come from?

But there are also several smaller, equally confusing threads that we are trying to figure out. For example: what happened to one of the social workers, Jharrel’s little brother? And what are the motivations of governments for the different advertising strategies they employ?

Many questions are constantly asked and developed, but one thing is certain: 4400 makes us want more every week.

Reason to watch 4400: Humor


4400 – “Empowered Women Empower Women” – Image Number: FFH107a_0272r – Pictured (L – R): Khailah Johnson as Ladonna, Brittany Adebumola as Shanice and TL Thompson as d’Andre – Photo: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./The CW – © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

While the show can be dark and deal with serious issues, there is so much humor to balance it out. After all, a main part of the plot revolves around people from different backgrounds and time periods coming together these days. Having a WWI doctor and 2010s influencer trying to communicate and work together is hilarious, especially when there is slang involved.

Reason to look at 4400 Relationships


4400 – “The Kaminski Experience” – Image Number: FFH108fg_0018r – Pictured (LR): Cory Jeacoma as Logan and Brittany Adebumola as Shanice – Photo: The CW – © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.cw

In the words of Stefon de Saturday Night Live, this show really has it all. Along with the drama and mystery and humor, it also gives us so many relationships to nurture. The theme of finding allies and trustworthy people in the most unexpected places and circumstances comes through.

This isn’t just true for romances either (although there are a lot of them!). The themes of friendship and chosen family are also crucial to the fabric of the series, and it’s so refreshing to see how very different people can be brought together through love and understanding.

Reason to watch 4400: The performance


4400 – “The Past is a Prologue” – Image Number: FFH101b_0796r – Pictured (LR): Jaye Ladymore as Claudette, TL Thompson as Andre Davis, Khailah Johnson as LaDonna Landry, Derrick A. King as Reverend Isaiah Johnston and Brittany Adebumola as Shanice Murray – Photo: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./The CW – © 2021 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

One of the most amazing things about 4400 is the representation, because this show gives people who have never had the chance to shine their time in the spotlight. From multiple black runs to one character with a disability, a plethora of powerful women to many LGBTQ + people, there is unprecedented diversity.

Not only that, but each of these characters and their experiences feel authentic, layered, and real. It’s clear that the writers really took care to make all of the characters feel multidimensional. They are more than their characteristics, symbols or stereotypes – rather, they all feel like fully fleshed out people.

The show sends the message that there is beauty in our differences and that it is an empowering thing to embrace who you are fully and without apologies. Not only will 4400 It’ll teach you about others, but it’ll probably teach you a little something about yourself as well.

Have you ever seen 4400? If so, what is your favorite part of the series? Comments below!

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