Power of AND campaign phase 1 completed

Kansas Wesleyan took another step forward last week, announcing that it had raised more than $ 16 million in the first phase of the Power of AND campaign. The campaign will be the largest global campaign in the history of the school. The opening phase, which lasted 30 months, is now over.

Many projects, including the $ 5 million Nursing Education Center, have drawn on local contractors and subcontractors, bringing significant economic investments to the region.

“The efforts of the past two and a half years have meant a lot to the Coyote family,” said Dr. Matt Thompson, President of KWU. “This work has allowed us to improve the student experience in many ways, to take our facilities and scholarships to another level and to position ourselves for the future. This allowed us to employ our academic mantra, the power of ET, by having both a little college experience AND a powerful vision for the future. To put it another way, this work has allowed us to reimagine life in Kansas Wesleyan in a new and exciting way. He did all of this while benefiting our students and the local community. “

“The first phase of this campaign changed the face of KWU,” said Ken Oliver, vice president of academic advancement and operations. “We have touched virtually every aspect of college life including academics, residence life, sports, facilities and more! KWU’s name and brand have grown exponentially during this period, thanks to increased marketing efforts, and we have been able to launch several exciting new scholarship opportunities which have helped reduce barriers to participation. To accomplish all of this during a pandemic is amazing and a testament to the loyalty of our alumni and friends. We are truly grateful to everyone who donated to KWU! “

During the first phase, which began in June 2019, KWU dramatically increased its overall number of scholarships, with an emphasis on nursing, fine arts, business, and science. Among those new opportunities were the Central Kansas and Ad Astra Scholarships, which focused on students from Kansas and, more specifically, certain counties in the central part of the state. With the support of the Vanier family, a third opportunity – the Saline County Scholarship – has helped KWU invest in students in its home county.

New faculty and staff positions have also been added. All of these positive elements have contributed to two consecutive years of growth in registrations.

The university’s endowment rose to $ 43 million, its largest ever, and capital improvements included the Nursing Education Center, the first new education center on KWU campus in 50 years. The university has also invested in other capital improvements, including $ 500,000 in residence renovations, new labs, upgraded classrooms, and campus-wide energy conservation initiatives. Total investment in capital improvement exceeded $ 10 million during this period.

Investments in on-campus opportunities also increased during the first phase. KWU launched The Howl of Kansas Wesleyan, their new track and field group, as well as a new sport: men’s volleyball. Funding for campus ministry programs has also increased significantly, and KWU has deepened its relationship with the University’s United Methodist Church. The university has also launched new partnerships with the Salina Family YMCA, 305 USD, the Salina Regional Airport and the Salina Country Club.

The successes continued on the pitch, with back-to-back KCAC Commissioners Cups, and away, with Debate and DECA excelling at the national level. The university also improved its marketing efforts, as KWU leveraged partnerships with the Wichita Thunder, Rolling Hills Zoo, InTrust Bank Arena and several airports to increase brand awareness. KWU will also launch a new ad on December 24 that will run throughout the first few months of 2022, including Super Bowl Sunday.

During this time, KWU continued to post a 98% three-year placement rate for new graduates.

“We talk a lot about the power of DNA in Kansas Wesleyan,” Dr. Thompson said. “At its core, however, the power of DNA is a philosophy that emphasizes being well balanced. It emphasizes the integration of all aspects of a college education, in order to develop the person as a whole. Likewise, this campaign touched all of Kansas Wesleyan. From scholarships to facilities to endowment, we expect to see the Power of AND campaign as another pivotal moment in KWU history.

For more information on events in Kansas Wesleyan, please visit www.kwu.edu/news.

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