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The Carlow Arts Festival is recruiting for three positions:

  • Executive producer (full time)
  • Creative producer (part time)
  • Communication and development manager (part-time, maternity coverage)

See details below.

Executive producer (full time)
The Executive Producer holds a senior management position within the organization and will work closely with the Artistic Director /CEO support the achievement of the festival’s strategic and artistic goals and ambitions. We are looking for someone who believes in the role of transformative art, diverse perspectives and inclusion, seeks virtuoso artists to resonate, inspire and collaborate with our local community, and has strong organizational and entrepreneurial skills. You will be adept at working with and mobilizing small teams, local people, funders and other vital stakeholders.

Creative producer (part time)
The Creative Producer is a new role within the organization and is an essential member of the festival team. He / She will work in close collaboration with the Artistic Director /CEO and executive producer to support the delivery of the five key strategic properties of the Carlow Arts Festival for 2021-2023 with a focus on strengthening inclusion and participation within our festival program. The Creative Producer will be supported by the Festival Artist Liaison and Outreach Coordinator to achieve this.

Communication and development manager (part-time, maternity coverage)
Carlow Festival of the Arts (FAC) is looking for an experienced, energetic and creative Communications and Development Manager to undertake the implementation of our ambitious communications and development strategy based on part-time maternity coverage. We are looking for someone who is passionate about the arts and is a heavy consumer of it in all its forms and expressions, someone who is meticulously organized, administratively strong and has experience in the arts. The Communications and Development Officer is a key member of the FAC team. The role will include the management of institutional marketing, press and advertising, as well as the development of strategies for audience development, income generation and may bridge the dots between sector actors and funders. funds.

See full details on the three roles at the link below.

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