Becoming Scapegoats for Student Performance: Telangana Teachers | Hyderabad News

HYDERABAD: Teachers have become the scapegoats for student performance, with many alleging that the Social Welfare Society is threatening them with suspensions and cut increases if all students in a class don’t get more marks on the baseline test .
Teachers said the board issued a circular in June 2021 stating that the new Performance Appraisal Policy (NPAP) would be implemented this year. Under the NPAP, ​​teachers are given marks based on student performance and they must achieve marks above 50 in order not to be “punished”. The NPAP was cleared in 2020, but it was not implemented last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
“Why is the NPAP limited to the only social protection company? Orally, officials say the NPAP will not be implemented this year, but a circular has been issued regarding its implementation. The NPAP is used to torture teachers, ”said a teacher from Asifabad.
Teachers said students are tested for their reading and writing skills through exams. “The students stayed home during the pandemic and most of them even forgot the basics. Less than a month after physical classes reopened, how can they expect students to excel in exams. Why implement NPAP at this stage, ”asked another teacher from a school in Nalgonda.
According to the teachers, the exams are organized for students from class 5 to intermediate in all subjects. It is mainly additional secretaries putting pressure on them, they said, adding that they were not sure if the superiors were aware of the problem. They further said they were afraid of losing their increments and that some teachers had been indulgent with supervision, even helping students find answers.
The teachers added that the Society has already suspended two faculty members. A junior teacher’s suspension letter said he was involved in “professional misconduct” because all the students had scored 15-20 points on an exam, but when a senior official carried out a reconsideration, they did not. got only 0 to 5 points.
Members of the Telangana State United Teachers Federation even submitted a protest to the Society asking them to withdraw the NPAP. Company secretary D Ronald Rose said they had given clear instructions that this year no penalties will be imposed due to Covid-19. “Some teachers were caught writing answers for students to copy and two of them were suspended based on an investigation,” he said.

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