Halo Infinite players are frustrated with campaign spoilers


Some Halo Infinite players are increasingly frustrated with campaign spoilers posted online by content creators.

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Infinite haloThe multiplayer beta version of is now available, giving fans the chance to compete against each other in the game’s online arenas through a variety of game modes. However, there are those who may be more interested in the game. Infinite halo campaign and what it has to offer, eager to see what happens next in Master Chief’s story. Unfortunately, some Infinite halo fans got spoilers thanks to YouTube videos made by content creators who got early access to story mode.

A Reddit post by user HexLHF highlights the problem, with many in the comments agreeing that Infinite halo Campaign spoilers are becoming a real problem. It appears that some YouTube content creators had early access to the Infinite halo campaign and made videos with spoilers as a result. Sometimes these spoilers are limited to the videos themselves, but other times the spoilers are in the names of the videos. They might not blatantly state a plot point, but they can still be enough to Halo fans figure out what they mean and spoil the story for them.


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HexLHF said the move to give content creators early access to the Infinite halo campaign is worse than the game’s controversial Battle Pass system. They recommend anyone interested in the Infinite halo campaign and don’t want it to spoil for themselves should do their best to avoid using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok until the game drops on December 8.

Video game developers are giving content creators early access to their games anytime they want to generate more hype. However, there are generally rules to prevent content creators from creating spoiler content. That way, they can focus on making videos on topics like Craig’s Easter Eggs in the Infinite halo campaign, but are not allowed to make videos that might spoil the plot points in the game. It is possible that 343 made these requests and were ignored, so disgruntled fans should keep this in mind.

That much, Infinite halo Campaign spoilers are in nature and there’s really nothing fans can do about it other than trying to avoid them. As HexLHF suggests, limiting one’s time on social media could go a long way in avoiding spoilers, although it may not be realistic for everyone to do so.

On the positive side, the expectation of the Infinite halo the campaign is almost over. Soon Infinite halo players will be able to embark on the campaign on their own and see everything that happens during Master Chief’s latest adventure.

Infinite halo launches December 8 for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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