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The South African National Blood Service has urged residents to donate blood as their blood stocks are currently dangerously low.

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SANBS needs your help to replenish the country’s declining blood supply. Join the mission that saves lives by spending 15 minutes of your day donating precious blood to someone in need.

Kamantha Pillay, donor relations practitioner, said less than 1% of South Africans are active blood donors. A unit of blood only lasts 42 days after donation, and for this reason blood donors should donate regularly.

“Donors can donate blood as often as every eight weeks. Each unit of blood can save at least three lives, as the blood is separated into red blood cells, plasma and platelets.

SANBS aims to collect 3,000 units of blood per day to ensure a safe and sufficient blood supply in the healthcare system.

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There are many SANBS blood donation centers open to the public.

To find the location closest to you, visit the SANBS website or you can consider motivating your employer to have a blood drive at your office for the convenience of all staff.

Pillay said blood is a precious resource that anyone can give to someone in need.

“We need your blood, with each donation you can save three lives.

“If you are wondering how to donate blood, don’t worry, there is a two-minute online quiz to find out if you qualify to donate. Final eligibility will be determined by our staff at our donation centers, ”added Pillay.

“We need you to be completely honest about your lifestyle when you donate to ensure your safety and the safety of the patients who will receive your donation. “

SANBS will be at Meadowdale Mall on December 11 for another activation. For more information on donating blood, call 0800 11 90 31 to find your nearest donor center.

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