Glover’s campaign challenges claims by party officials about the integrity of the Manitoba Conservative leadership vote


Shelly Glover’s campaign team challenges claims made by the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba regarding the integrity of her October 30 leadership election.

Glover asked the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench to overturn the results of the race, which now Premier Heather Stefanson has won by 363 votes.

Glover is also asking the court to order a new election on the grounds that the total number of votes fluctuated on election day and the ballots were not secure.

On Tuesday, two party officials and a partner in the accounting firm that oversaw the count filed affidavits under oath stating that the mail-in ballots were kept under lock and key on polling day and that the two campaigns agreed that the preliminary count of the votes was taken. voice was inaccurate.

In affidavits filed in response Thursday, Glover and two members of his campaign team dispute the allegations.

Braydon Mazurkiewich, a Glover deputy returning officer, said in his statement that there was no way to discern the number of ballot papers in a ballot box on polling day and that he had seen unsealed ballot boxes coming out of the counting room.

“At approximately 2:30 pm, I noticed that the ballot boxes were removed from the counting room at the Victoria Inn. The ballot boxes were not sealed when they were removed from the room, ”Mazurkiewich said.

Lawrence Toet, one of Glover’s campaign managers, said in his statement that he believed the total number of votes, as released by the party early October 30, “correctly represents the number of votes cast in the election “.

In an affidavit, Glover said he received an email from campaign team member Dale Smeltz, who also took issue with the idea that both campaign teams considered the total vote count to be inaccurate.

“Our discussions were all about the correctness of mailing addresses, inappropriate names [and] lack of accurate PO box numbers, ”Smeltz said in an email to Glover.

“At this point, there has never been any discussion of the accuracy of the number of ballots cast in the ballot box.”

Cross-examinations on the affidavits in the case are scheduled for November 29 and 30.

The case’s arguments will be heard in court on December 10.


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