Downtown Greensboro Makerspace Raises Funds with ‘Expansion Campaign’



GREENSBORO, NC (WGHP) – Forge Greensboro, the downtown makerspace, is building something it has never built before. The association is embarking on its biggest fundraiser.

Joe Rotondi is the executive director of Forge Greensboro. Rotondi has been impressed with the growth in membership over the years.

“Maybe I want to get into welding or machining and they came here to try it out. It was really interesting to see how people came here and interpreted the space and the tools available to us, ”said Rotondi.

Young and old, amateurs and entrepreneurs alike use Forge Greensboro’s equipment. Over the years, devices wear out and technology evolves. So it’s time to replace the equipment and build on their success. The “Expansion Campaign” is Forge Greensboro’s largest fundraiser.

“$ 350,000. $ 200,000 for tools, new 3D printers, a large CNC laser cutter, ceramic tools, ”said Rotondi.

The remaining $ 150,000 will go towards growing their entrepreneurial space, professional training courses and student awareness.

“We have had a lot of interest from middle and high schools to involve their children in STEAM or STEM,” Rotondi said.

Rotondi is also proud of Forge Greensboro’s partnership with Guilford Works and NC Works. Forge Greensboro teaches welding techniques to customers. Recently, four people graduated from the program and are now employed. Thus, the “expansion campaign” is helping Forge Greensboro and the community at large.

“It’s great to see the economic impact, it’s great to see people replicate their skills and get hired,” said Rotondi. “What I want to get out of this fundraiser is the ability to do it every year.”

To contribute to the “Expansion Campaign” or learn more about Greensboro Forge programs, check out their website.


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