NIU today | NIU students excel in cellular competition



It wasn’t just fun and playful when a team of NIU Medical Laboratory Sciences (MLS) students faced off against other students from across the country in the first-ever American Society-sponsored National Cell Bowl. for Clinical Pathology (ASCP).

MLS students Samantha Ortiz, Elaina Kinney, Brooke Gainer, Kieran Van Vliet, Yesenia Garcia Rivera, Josh Naser, Rebekah Gonzalez, Presli Lovell, Jasmine Parra and Soyoung Park put their skills to the test at the National Cell Hematology Students’ Bowl, a month-long event designed to help students hone their skills while preparing for ASCP Certification Board exams.

“There is a lot of evidence showing that student engagement is essential for learning,” said Rouzbeh Chegeni, assistant professor of medical laboratory science, NIU School of Health Studies. “Gamification of learning is one way to increase student engagement, and the National Cell Bowl created an opportunity for MLS students to do just that. “

The Cell Bowl uses a free study tool where students take weekly quizzes and then team teachers submit their team’s best score. Chegeni said that in addition to making learning fun, tournaments like this foster a sense of community and improve collaboration skills.

“I am very grateful to our students who participated in this event and grateful to colleagues in the MLS program, the School of Health Studies, and the College of Health and Humanities who encourage such activities,” said said Chegeni.

The NIU students’ four-week score placed them in ninth place out of 30 Midwestern teams.

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