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Indiegogo announced this week that it will change its stance on crowdfunding campaigns and move from an open platform where anyone can post crowdfunding projects to a more closed model where every campaign will receive a review. manual by the Indiegogo team before it can be uploaded.

In another measure to tackle fraudulent crowdfunding campaigns, Indiegogo has also partnered with the crowdfunding platform GoFundMe to create best practices for the crowdfunding industry and detect fraudulent campaigns before they happen. cannot defraud donors.

Changes in the way Indiegogo will filter crowdfunding campaigns

Will Haines VP of Product and Customer Trust explains more:

“Frankly, we have not always lived up to the expectations of our funders. Matching the philosophy of the late 2000s, Indiegogo was founded as an open platform where anyone could fundraise for almost anything, with few restrictions.

However, I have learned that “open” is not what our community wants. Crowdfunding isn’t shopping – people generally understand that by now – but it shouldn’t be a leap in the dark, either. And it certainly cannot be a scam. Our community of contributors is the reason everything happens on Indiegogo, and they rely on the platform to be a safe and trusted space to engage in innovation.

That’s why we’ve worked hard over the past year to put community and trust at the forefront of everything we do. And we’re not just talking about it; we actually do. I am delighted today to share what we have done and where we are heading. There are too many changes to name them all, but I’d like to highlight a few of the most important:

1. A renewed and expanded Trust & Security team. We take feedback from contributors seriously. Earlier this year, we completely revamped our Trust & Security team under the leadership of our new Trust Director and industry veteran Nelson Ho. Since then we’ve made huge strides towards a more platform. safe. Beyond hiring Nelson, we have also invested and grown our Trust & Safety organization with the ultimate goal of being able to proactively monitor the thousands of live campaigns on our platform every day.

2. The internal audit committee. We have also created an internal review committee to oversee our most important trust decisions and ensure that we always keep the best interests of our funder in mind. The aim is to create a group specifically responsible for managing the riskiest campaigns escalated by the Trust & Safety team.

3. The Crowdfunding Trust Alliance. Together with our friends at GoFundMe, we co-founded the Crowdfunding Trust Alliance to regularly share industry trends and best practices. We are excited to work with the biggest players in our industry and look forward to expanding the alliance to other reputable crowdfunding platforms.

4. The Beacon Program. We recognize that our expertise can go a long way to ensure that entrepreneurs only get started on Indiegogo when they have a viable plan to deliver. While we cannot guarantee that every campaign will run successfully, we can protect funders from unworkable projects and outright scams. We now have the resources and expertise to apply this level of review to all of our larger campaigns and will extend it to every campaign in the future.

5. Coming soon: Trust loyalty program. Over the past 10 years, we have had a lot of successful campaigns, and the relationships we have built with these entrepreneurs have not been easy. Our Trust Loyalty program will highlight new campaigns from proven entrepreneurs and tailor our verification to match the historical risk level of those entrepreneurs.

Over the coming year, we hope to bring most of this information straight to the campaign pages to allow funders to make their best decisions about whether the risk is worth it. Additionally, we will leverage our community as the first line of defense to catch small problems before they turn into big problems.

For more information on how Indiegogo will now manually filter crowdfunding campaigns, skip to the official blog post from Will Haines, Vice President of Product and Customer Trust at Indiegogo by following the link below- below.

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