Virgin River Season 4 release date, new plot and cast details


Netflix’s “Virgin River” is a romantic drama series that revolves around a nurse practitioner named Melinda “Mel” Monroe. In an attempt to escape the emotional trauma of her past, Mel leaves bustling Los Angeles for the remote town of Virgin River. Based on Robyn Carr’s popular eponymous book series, the show primarily explores heartwarming interpersonal relationships in a visually pleasing setting and occasional passionate crime outbursts. Created by Sue Tenney, the show delves into the life of Mel and the townspeople around her as they slowly help her heal while uncovering their own personal and professional situations.

Since its original premiere on December 6, 2019, the series has garnered critical acclaim as well as a huge fan base absolutely dedicated to its beautifully complex and charming characters. Season 3 presents us with a shocking and unexpected cliffhanger. Needless to say, fans are desperate to know the fate of their beloved characters. Will the series return for a fourth opus? Here’s everything you need to know!

Virgin River Season 4 release date

Season 3 of “Virgin River” landed in full on July 9, 2021 on Netflix. The third season consists of ten episodes lasting approximately 42 to 48 minutes each.

We know you’re curious about Season 4. So get ready for the good news! Netflix announced the renewal of the series for seasons 4 and 5 (you read that right!) On September 20, 2021. We are not at all surprised by this news because the series has always performed well in the world. There are also many source documents – there are 25 books in the “Virgin River” series of novels – for the coming seasons to draw inspiration and inspiration from. We certainly won’t be running out of episodes when it comes to this beloved drama!

The filming of the fourth installment would have started at the end of July 2021 and should end at the end of November 2021. Considering the gap of 8 to 11 months between the seasons as well as the time required for the post-production, we believe that the edition to Come on will debut in the middle of 2022. So if things go as planned and there is no delay, we expect Season 4 of “Virgin River” to air. in the second quarter of 2022 or later. The season will consist of 12 episodes.

Virgin River Season 4 Cast: Who’s In It?

We expect the main cast to reprise their roles for Season 4. This includes Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel), Martin Henderson (Jack), Tim Matheson (Doc Mullins), Colin Lawrence (Preacher) and Benjamin Hollingsworth (Brady). Additionally, we’ll see the return of Annette O’Toole (Hope), Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie), Grayson Gurnsey (Ricky), Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine) and Patrick Sabongui (Todd). We can probably see Zibby Allen (Brie), Chase Petriw (Christopher), Marco Grazzini (Mike) and Teryl Rothery (Muriel).

Kai Bradbury, who plays Doc’s long-lost grandson Denny, will be part of the main cast. Although Lilly dies in Season 3, Lynda Boyd will likely be part of Season 4 as her character may appear in flashbacks. Likewise, Daniel Gillies will remain Mel’s late husband, Mark, who is an important part of Mel’s past. A new face joining the cast for season 4 is Mark Ghanimé, who will play Dr Cameron Hayek, the city’s new doctor.

Virgin River season 4 plot: what is it?

Season 3 sees Mel and Jack deal with their difficult relationship. Additionally, Lizzie breaks up with Ricky when she finds out that he is considering enlisting in the Marines. In a shocking turn of events, Doc’s grandson shows up to meet him. On the other hand, lured away from Christopher under a false pretense, Preacher is poisoned and left in the woods.

The third season also sees Lilly’s death due to pancreatic cancer. Hope is in a car accident and sustains fatal injuries; she is then placed in an induced coma. Another addition to the chaos existing in the small town is the arrest of Brady after he is suspected of being Jack’s shooter. In the season finale, Mel tells Jack that she is pregnant but does not know who the father of the child is.

Season 4 will likely take a look at the complicated situation surrounding Mel’s pregnancy and her relationship with Jack. Obviously, he will have to reveal whether Mel got pregnant from Jack or from the IVF treatment using her late husband’s sperm. We may be able to find out the identity of the person who shot Jack. Brady’s fate after his arrest could also be important. Another potential plot point is Charmaine and Todd’s relationship. After giving birth to the twins, a difficult situation is likely to develop between her, Todd, and the biological father of her children, Jack. We expect heated custody battles and interpersonal arguments.

Ricky’s dilemma about joining the Marines and leaving Lizzie behind could be another focal point of the next episode. Additionally, Doc and Hope’s relationship will be explored, particularly in light of his traumatic brain injury and the appearance of his grandson, Denny. Tenney revealed that the Fourth Edition will also spend time deepening the relationship between Muriel and Hope. “[It’s] fun to take enemies and make them friendly, ”she said. We are sure that Season 4 will be full of emotions!

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