BC Liberal leadership campaign team member sacked for alleged misogynist explosion


Vancouver –

A member of Kevin Falcon’s campaign team, who hopes to lead the British Columbia Liberals, has been fired after allegedly hurling misogynistic slurs at a woman working for a rival candidate.

The allegations were made public on Sunday by Diamond Isinger, Michael Lee’s campaign manager. She said the disturbing incident took place at a restaurant in downtown Vancouver on Friday, where she met a group of five men, most of whom were working with the Falcon campaign.

“I challenged someone at the table who had made a joke about me that I wasn’t comfortable with,” she said.

In response, a man from the Falcon team reportedly became enraged, accusing Isinger of spoiling the evening and calling her a “stuck bitch” and “fucking c ***”.

“He insisted that I shake his hand to come to terms with him between these outbursts, and when I refused to do so, he berated me again,” Isinger said. “Others at the table let this go on for a long time while I broke down and cried openly, because I was overwhelmed by what he was saying and the enraged tone / volume directed at me, and because I am so tired of the sustained misconduct directed at me and others. “

Eventually, the group got up and left her at the facility, the statement said. Isinger said she decided to share her story after trying to deal with the matter privately for two days “with no apologies or consequences” ahead.

Falcon took to the issue on social media on Monday, announcing that it had requested a third-party investigation into what had happened.

Falcon told CTV News he spoke to Isinger on Sunday.

“I phoned Diamond last night and spoke to her, she was kind enough to take my call, and I apologized on behalf of the campaign for everything that happened, and I wanted to hear from her as well. side of the story, “he said. “Based on this conversation, it was clear to me that there was one particular individual who had apparently said some totally objectionable things, and that individual is no longer associated with our campaign.”

Falcon said his campaign will also bring in a third party to investigate the incident and make recommendations, and the results will be made public.

“I’m sick of it all, to be perfectly frank,” Falcon said. “There are conflicting aspects of the story, for sure. But I chose to go with Diamond’s account. I just don’t think she would ever suggest anything that wasn’t true. He sounded like the truth.

When asked about the other campaign staff listed in Isinger’s account, Falcon said she indicated during their phone conversation that others present had tried to “defuse” the situation.

“But again, I want to make sure that a neutral person, a neutral third party looks at this,” he said. “If there are other decisions I need to make, I will make them.”

Falcon said the dismissed staff member had helped them organize since the start of the campaign, “particularly to gain new members in the South Asian community.”

Isinger’s statement garnered considerable attention on social media, especially from former British Columbia Liberal Premier Christy Clark, who applauded her for stepping forward.

“By speaking out, you are helping to make a difference. I know many of us are totally disgusted by what you are describing, but also encouraged by your decision to go public,” Clark wrote. “We know it could just as easily have been any of us. Thank you for your courage.”

CTV News has reached out to Isinger, who said she will not be giving interviews at this time.

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