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Last week, President Muhammadu Buhari surprised many Nigerians and perhaps members of the international community by saying that the security situation in the country has improved. In a statement signed by his senior special assistant to the president for media and publicity Garba Shehu, the president said that the term “increasing insecurity” should be replaced with “reality of declining insecurity”. He urged the media to address the tone, content and standards of reporting on safety and security measures. According to him, increased cooperation and collaboration with citizens, coupled with a reinvigorated, dynamic and energized police, security and military leadership were helping the administration to achieve more victories against terrorism, crime and economic sabotage. And so the president came to a verdict: “The reality of the decline in insecurity should replace the inaccurate narrative of the rise in insecurity in the country. “

Instructively, monumental security breaches and tragedies took place across the country just before and after the President’s unwarranted homily. For example, armed men attacked the Goronyo market in Sokoto, Sokoto state, killing 43 people in cold blood. The death toll was confirmed by state governor Aminu Tambuwal, who previously estimated the figure at around 30 when Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Farouk Yahaya returned him. a courtesy visit. In the same week, unknown gunmen stormed the location of a meeting of some traditional leaders and stakeholders in Nnenasa, in the local government area of ​​Njaba, Imo state, killing instantly two traditional chiefs. Many people suffered injuries to varying degrees as they rushed to their safety. The names of the victims were cited as Eze E. Duruebere from Okwudor Autonomous Community and Eze Sampson Osunwa from Ihebinowerre Autonomous Community, both in Njaba. Imo State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) CSP Mike Abattam confirmed the incident, saying investigations were underway to determine the circumstances surrounding it.

And in another despicable incident, as many as 30 passengers were reportedly kidnapped by bandits in the village of Konar Barau, in the local government area of ​​Rafi, Niger state. The passengers were abducted as the outlaws attacked three vehicles including an 18-seater bus and two other vehicles. They reportedly stormed the Zungeru Garun Gabas Expressway in large numbers, firing sporadically to scare the villagers, before abducting the passengers. State Police Commissioner Kuryas on Monday confirmed the incident. Once again during the week, terrorists blew up portions of the Abuja / Kaduna railway line, sparking apprehensions across the country and forcing the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) to temporarily suspend operations on the route.

If the above establishes anything, it is the fact that the presidency is disconnected from the reality of the security situation in the country. In the face of bloody and heartbreaking developments across the country, the media have sought to give Nigerians an accurate picture, and it is misleading to suggest that their reporting on crime and criminality is inaccurate. It is indeed sad that in the midst of relentless threats to life and property, the federal government seems to be at its wit’s end. The security situation in the country is so dire that during last week’s congress of the Congress of All Progressives (APC) in Niger state, state governor Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello reportedly visited headquarters. from the government when he saw the heckled nature of the debates. . He then returned to the scene in an armored vehicle. If the governors, the so-called security chiefs of their respective states, are themselves suspicious of the security situation in the country, it is time to accept that the country is in deep chaos.

At the very least, the climate of insecurity in the country is omnipresent and no realistic development can be achieved until it is drastically controlled. Almost daily, the terrorists who rule vast swathes of Nigerian territory continue to defy the state, making laws for the people and punishing dissent with death. Farmers cannot plant or harvest their crops without paying heavy fines. The killer shepherds continue their sexual assaults and killings undeterred by the state, while the increasingly bloodthirsty gunmen of the Southeast impose an authoritarian regime on the area, making life a misery for the people of the Southeast. millions of people. The country’s highways, ruled by kidnappers and bandits, are death traps, as are the railways which have so far offered a reasonable level of comfort in terms of safety.

It is time for governments at all levels to realize their responsibilities and end the lawlessness that prevails across the country. Democracy, by its very nature, cannot coexist with widespread insecurity. It is time to redraw the map of security strategies and end the agony in the country.


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