MHC art and design students present The Unforeseen



The group combined the idea of ​​a pandemic with Halloween.

“Whatever you don’t see coming, it can be scary no matter what it might be. So a lot of people interpreted it differently, ”Erickson continued.

“A lot of people have taken a humorous approach like something funny that you wouldn’t normally see, or something scary that you wouldn’t see coming, or there are also a lot of colors that you wouldn’t normally see, which is really nice not everyone stuck with a very scary theme, a lot of people went in different directions which was really nice to see.

The Unforeseen presents 41 works of art from first to fourth year art and design students in a variety of mediums. Erickson says the craftsmanship and technical skills shown in the pieces are “amazing”.

A reception for The Unforeseen takes place Friday at 7 p.m. Erickson said the gallery will be decorated, there will be cool lighting effects and people will be in disguise. Proof of vaccination is required to enter.

The exhibition is until November 1.

Erickson invites any art and design student in college to join the Visual Arts Student Society. She the company is always open to ideas and suggestions to improve the company.


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