Preview: Madison School Board to Vote on Student Suspension Moratorium, Budget and Camera Policy | Local education



Budget 2021-22

The board also plans to vote on its budget for the 2021-22 school year at its Monday meeting.

Homeowners with an average home value of $ 335,200 could see their property tax bill go up $ 312 per year, or a 1.96% tax increase. The average home value increased 6.3% from the previous year, from $ 315,200 to $ 335,200.

The budget represents $ 537,995,501 in all-fund spending, an 11.41% increase from the previous school year, which includes federal and local funding related to COVID-19. The district will see a 4.5% increase in general state aid, or $ 40.2 million, despite a $ 0 increase in the income limit or categorical aid per student. Enrollment, used to calculate the amount of state aid granted to the district, decreased by 405 students in the period 2021-2022 compared to the previous school year.

The budget also includes a 3.23 percent salary increase for teachers, the highest allowed, and a $ 1.6 million budget increase for staff health insurance. The district currently has 4,030 full-time employees.

Camera policy

Following two incidents at East High School involving hidden cameras, Madison School Board plans to ban such surveillance, along with other district policy updates, also at Monday’s meeting .


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