Matt Gaetz’s campaign continues to run at a loss



Rep. the United States Matt Gaetz continues to spend much more than he earns on his re-election campaign.

The cable news mainstay still has around $ 1.49 million in cash at the end of September. But it operated at a loss for most of 2021. In the third quarter, it raised $ 527,150, its weakest quarter this year by far. In addition, he spent $ 627,129.

Donations for the quarter included $ 495,910 in individual donations, and the congressman roughly sworn PAC money last year. Over the cycle to date, it has garnered an impressive $ 4.26 million in contributions from people across the country.

But donations fell dramatically after news of a still unresolved issue was announced sex scandal. Gaetz raised $ 1.83 million in the first quarter of the year, when he spent $ 1.35 million. Then in the second quarter, he raised $ 1.46 million, but spent $ 1.95 million.

This means that in total, he has raised $ 3.8 million since the dawn of 2021, but has spent $ 3.92 million.

So where is the money going?

Many have gone to lawyers, including $ 10,338 for legal advice from Venable in the last quarter alone.

But much more paid for direct mail marketing, where Gaetz spent some $ 207,689 between July and September.

Much has been spent on airline tickets and accommodation as Gaetz travels the country with Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene during an America First tour. In the third quarter, Gaetz spent at least $ 16,958 on plane tickets and airfare, and $ 8,812 went on other forms of transportation. Another $ 32,745 went to accommodations, while $ 3,711 went to the purchase of meals and $ 784 to hotel and airport parking fees.

And like many off-year applicants, he spends money to make money, paying $ 91,602 to fundraising consultants. Another $ 52,242 went to various payment processing service charges.

He also already has a lot to do with consultants and campaign staff. About $ 40,000 went to the Logan Circle Group.

And an unusually large amount of $ 8,898 has been refunded to donors, although these are usually linked to excessive campaign donations and not to supporters who want their money back.

Either way, Gaetz holds a substantial advantage over all opponents in his re-election effort so far.

Democrat Phil EhrGaetz’s 2020 challenger had little activity, raising $ 2,447 in the second quarter and spending $ 8,284. Yet he had the most money of any non-Gaetz candidate in Florida 1st Congressional District with $ 117,599 for most of the leftovers from his last race.

Democrat Rebecca Jones raised $ 112,926 but spent $ 95,272 over three months and ended the quarter with $ 17,653 on hand.

republican adversary Ralph johns mills spent $ 805 in the quarter but reported no contributions and ended the quarter with just $ 231 on hand.

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