Houston’s Asian-American Travels: Mal Bernardo


Produced in partnership with the MAX studios of the University of St. Thomas

As a Chinese-Filipino and native of Houston, Mal Bernardo is passionate about celebrating the region’s diversity. Whether it’s connecting with the students in her class or taking advantage of one of the many food stops in Houston, Mal embraces the city as she explores how her identity and her understanding of her family’s history have. impacted his past and shaped his thinking about the future.

About the family:

On teaching:

About Mal Bernardo

A native Houstonian, Evil Bernardo is a high school English teacher who enjoys having conversations with her students about mental health, identity and representation. In addition to her own Chinese-Filipino American experience, her studies at the University of Houston and Rice University have helped her advocate and make room for these important topics in the classroom. She also touches on many interests, but spends most of her time trying out new recipes, analyzing movies and reading non-fiction. She has pursued what thrills her and feels lucky to have the opportunity to make an impact on our precious youth.

On Asian American Travel to Houston

In partnership with the University of St. Thomas MAX Studios, Asia Society Texas presents a new series of videos, Asian American Travel to Houston. Through short video interviews with Asian Americans, the series illuminates the voices that are a vital part of America’s most diverse city.

Featuring Houstonians who reflect the richness and diversity of local Asian-American communities, the series shines a light on a variety of experiences, cultures, religions and ethnicities and explores themes of identity, memory and shared humanity. By sharing these personal journeys, Asia Society Texas and the University of St. Thomas seek to develop empathy and connectivity among people, as well as deepen our collective understanding of Asian-American experiences in Houston.

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